Anna Roisman

Anna Roisman is a comedian, actress, singer and writer in New York City. Anna creates comedy videos that have been featured on Funny Or Die, MTV, Huffington Post, Bark & Co, Splitsider, College Humor, Daily Dot, People, and the LA Times and is currently the host of the popular gameshow HQ Words. She is half of the comedy video team SortaKosher. Anna went to the Montreal Just For Laugh’s Festival with her 30-minute pilot This One Time @ Camp, and co-created a web series on Elite Daily’s Artist Residency called There’s No Place Like Home. She also creates parody music videos. She was recently named a finalist in the 2017 TriBeCa Film Festival Snapchat Shorts competition. With Michael Muntner, she is the co-curator of Quickie Fest, the one-minute film festival which has its seventh edition on June 29 at the SVA Theatre. You can catch Anna doing standup all over NYC and Brooklyn. Follow her on Twitter at @AnnaRoisman.


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Mamma Mia: Let Me Go Again – a Tribute to the Franchise

By Anna Roisman | June 25, 2019

Mamma Mia: Let Me Go Again – a Tribute to the Franchise

Comedian and Quickie Fest founder Anna Roisman on the all-time greatest cinematic franchise, even though it may not technically be a franchise.