Anna Roisman’s Heart Goes On in Another Epic Lockdown Movie Parody

Anna Roisman and her boyfriend/collaborator Jared Hacker outdo themselves with Tubtanic, their quarantine remake of the James Cameron classic.

Picture this scenario: You’ve been quarantining in your apartment for months in order to survive a pandemic. There’s a powerful racial justice movement happening at the same time. Emotions are running very high. After a long day of wiping down groceries and reading the news on Twitter, you decide to take a bath. A refreshing moment to yourself where nothing can affect you. Unless … there’s no hot water. And that’s when you lose your shit. Tears, yelling, the works! It’s the little things that set us off these days, like losing hot water in your shower.

It was a true story like this that inspired my boyfriend Jared Hacker and I to make the third installment of our “Quarantine Shot-for-Shot Remakes” about the famous scene in Titanic where Rose doesn’t share a wooden door. (Like that angle?) At first I thought we’d make that the joke, but it’s overdone. (According to the internet, if both of them were on the door, it would sink.) So we went for playing it as real as possible: hoping that the management company comes by to fix the hot water before we actually lose our minds. We called it Tubtanic, because why not?! Jared did an amazing job editing this one, and we would like you to know that not a single special effect on making our breath visibly cold was used whatsoever! (Movie magic is real if you say so!)

As we release these, I think to myself … maybe we’ve already lost our minds? This video was shot in our small Brooklyn bathroom, and we spent another nine hours in the tub trying to match the same shots and performances as the Oscar-winning movie. No big deal! With three of these under our belt, we’ve set the bar high for ourselves. We have a few more in mind and will continue to make them until we get jobs again. Did I mention that part? We’re just two creative people without real jobs in TV shooting crazy scenes and editing for days for ourselves! Well, that and hopefully a tweet back from James Cameron. That would make this all worth it, James! Find me – @AnnaRoisman!

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Anna Roisman is a comedian, host, writer and actor in NYC. Anna is known for hosting HQ Trivia and HQ Words on the Emmy-Nominated app. She is a regular comedian on the Buzzfeed series, “Did You See This?” Anna’s work has been featured in the Tribeca Film Festival, New York TV Festival, Just For Laughs in Montreal, People magazine, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, VultureHuffington Post, Funny Or Die, Elite Daily, and more. She is the creator and host of the podcast Unemployed With Anna Roisman, and co-producer and host of Quickie Fest: The One Minute Movie Festival in NYC. She writes a bad movie column called “Am I The Only One Who Loves…” for Talkhouse. She also likes good movies too! Anna performs standup comedy and sings all over. For comedy videos, reels, and press, check out