Spencer Tweedy (Tweedy, the Blisters) Talks with Whitney for the Talkhouse Music Podcast

A collaboration could be in the works.

Spencer Tweedy of the bands Tweedy and the Blisters sat down with Julian Ehrlich and Max Kakacek of Whitney backstage at Pitchfork Music Festival and talked about Chicago’s young rock scene, Wilco’s legendary studio, embarrassing moments with Wayne Coyne and Snoop Dogg, and, in an exciting twist, potentially collaborating. Subscribe now on iTunes or Stitcher to stay in the loop!
— Elia Einhorn, Talkhouse Podcast producer and engineer

Spencer Tweedy (b. 1995), son of Susan Miller and Jeff Tweedy, brother of Sammy, Lounge Ax frequent-customer cardholder and kosher pickle enthusiast, is a musician. He most recently played drums on Sukierae, an album by his dad. You can follow him on Twitter here.

To say that Whitney is more than the sum of its parts would be a criminal understatement. Formed from the core of guitarist Max Kakacek and singing drummer Julien Ehrlich, the band itself is something bigger, something visionary, something neither of them could have accomplished alone.