Artist Couples Talk on the Talkhouse Podcast

We hear firsthand stories from Waxahatchee and Kevin Morby, Heather Matarazzo and Heather Turman, Natalie Prass and Eric Slick, and more.

Happiest of Valentine’s Days to ya, listeners! To celebrate the duality of this love-filled and oh-so-fraught time, the Talkhouse Podcast asked five of our favorite artist couples to answer two questions: What’s the best thing about being in a two-artist relationship? And, what’s the worst??

Answering both Cupid’s and our calls are:
Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee) and Kevin Morby
Maliibu Miitch and Chase Money Marz
Heather Matarazzo and Heather Turman
Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz, Sad13) and Dylan Baldi (Cloud Nothings)
Natalie Prass and Eric Slick (Dr. Dog)

So get ready to hear about inter-couple artistic competitiveness, the strains of touring in a relationship, having recording sessions on your spouse’s birthday, and the perils of dating “civilians.”

As I couldn’t ask these artists to walk through a potential relationship minefield that I wasn’t willing to tread myself, I’m very pleased (and slightly afraid) to welcome my wife—and Pitchfork’s Managing Editor—Amy Phillips on to help intro this episode.

Buckle up!

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—Elia Einhorn, Talkhouse Podcast host and producer @eliaeinhorn

Today’s episode was co-produced by Mark Yoshizumi. It was recorded by each of the participating couples, and by Mark Yoshizumi. The Talkhouse Podcast’s theme song was composed and performed by The Range.

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