Talkhouse Playlist: Morning Records and More from Lowly

The Danish group appreciates raw beauty in music.

Today, Danish band Lowly share an eclectic Talkhouse Playlist to go along with the release of their latest single and the February 10 release of their full length, Heba. You’ll find tracks from each member listed below, spanning from Chopin to Dean Blunt and much more.
– Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Wilco – “If I Ever Was a Child”
You can never get enough morning-records and the newest Wilco album is a great one. This song is the perfect soundtrack for when you’re puttering around. – Thomas

ANOHNI – “Drone Bomb Me”
An amazing voice, the wildest lyrics and so many great and incredibly inspiring synth parts. – Thomas

Chopin – “Prelude in E-minor (Op. 28 no. 4)”
The music of Chopin has a tendency to put me in a weird mood; I mean this in the best way possible. It’s not necessarily a sad mood, but it’s definitely different. – Thomas

CTM – “Escorted/The Road
Love the fragmented form of this song and Cæcilie’s voice is so dry and rich. 
Really beautiful melody lines and lyrics. – Soffie

Kendrick Lamar – “The Blacker the Berry”
Love the beat, the words, the anger and the necessity of this. – Soffie

ML BUCH – “Teen”
She played a concert with us, which was fantastic. Her songs are really special. – Soffie

Dean Blunt – “The Narcissist”
You can get very focused on getting a song to sound perfect, on pitch etc. This track has a rawness; it’s sort of a daze that you get invited into when you listen to it. – Soffie

The Flaming Lips – “Galaxy I Sink”
This is just so beautiful and raw; I love the vocals. – Nanna

Blood Orange – “Hands up”
Reminds me of late nights in Copenhagen. – Nanna

Dessert – “Devil”
This song is made out of a bunch of pieces melted together geniusly. You gain a totally new perspective on how to build structure in a song after you’ve heard this. – Nanna