Talkhouse Playlist: Getting Carefree and Dreamy with JONES

Instant feel-good vibes from the London artist.

London-based pop singer JONES is about to release her first album, New Skin, later this week. To prep us for her debut, she has shared a playlist of the dreamy, comforting, feel-good tracks that inspire her (or help her zone out). Give it a listen, and be sure to check out New Skin this Friday via 37 Adventures.
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Mallrat – “For Real”

Love the happy, bright beat mixed with her interesting flow and funny lyrics. It’s a good song to listen to in the morning.

Shura – “Tongue Tied”

This has the feel of old Madonna in modern synth-pop casing, super dreamy and instant feel-good vibes.

HONNE – “It Ain’t Wrong Loving You”

This will never get old; classic honest songwriting and always puts me in a good mood. Something to play if in need of some comfort.

Bipolar Sunshine – “Daydreamer”

I love his phrasing and unique lyrics; his music is always a source of inspiration. This one feels like a cross between being at a fairground and being in Alice in Wonderland. A feel-good moment.

Moglii – “Mother”

Euphoric but gentle, this is a really easy listen and a nice one to relax to and just let your mind zone out.

SYDE – “Orbit (Hazy Eyes Remix)”

This one feels like summer and that’s always a good thing when you live in grey London. Really like the beat on this one.

MØ – Final Song

Well, after the first listen, this was on repeat for days…the chorus melody is nothing short of addictive, and I truly feel that MØ can do no wrong. Plus, she seems like a really cool person.

OIJ – “Believe”

Just a really good song and great production, I love the verse melody and the chorus has such a cool vibe.

Frank Ocean – “Ivy”

This was a grower. On first listen, I wasn’t into the album, but when quickly scrolling through I was pulled in by the guitar on this song. It’s very understated, but there’s something so honest in it.

Two Door Cinema Club – “Something Good Can Work”

An oldie but a goodie. This is one of my go-to pick-me-ups. It always takes me back to being younger and more carefree.

The 1975 – “Somebody Else”

Such a relatable concept that is put so simply and works so well. Feels like a synth-pop classic.

Tame Impala – “Mind Mischief”

Possibly one of my most played songs. The super chilled and hazy delivery of the vocals and guitar riff is an instant good vibe. Psychedelic, dreamy and dear to me.

(Photo credit: Josh Shinner)