Talkhouse Playlist: Vast Soundscapes from Racing Heart

Listen to tracks from the Oslo artist's collaborators and more.

Experimental pop artist Racing Heart gives us today’s Talkhouse Playlist, with tracks from collaborators like Jenny Hval and Hanne Hukkelberg, as well as gems from Winston Tong, Mimes of Wine, ANOHNI and more. Make sure to check out the latest release from Racing Heart, What Comes After, out now via Misra Records.
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Winston Tong — “The Quotidian”
When my friend Leah played me Winston’s music for the first time just a few years ago, I instantly felt: “Man, where has this been all my life?” It’s such a vast soundscape, while at the same time the lyrics are really intimate. Simply put: How do you best deal with shit days in your life? Wins a prize for best opening lyric.

Jenny Hval — “Conceptual Romance”
Praising my lucky star that the video just came out yesterday, so I could include it on this playlist! Pulsating and slightly ominous, Jenny’s new album is out Sept 30th. Mark your calendars, kids.

David Sylvian — “World Citizen”
Poetry and politics beautifully intertwined, delivered with that otherworldly and unmistakable voice that Sylvian has. I can only aspire to make music like this.

Hanne Hukkelberg — “I Sing You”
Taken from my producer Hanne’s last record. The way the cello and her voice interplay keeps my ears piqued throughout. What Comes After was in good hands.

Andrew Rinehart — “God Made You and The Devil Made Me”
Andrew and I lived in the same house while we were students in Boston, he’s always floored me with his songwriting. It’s like there’s another level of sadness and feeling that only he can access, and it comes through in his songs.

Mimes of Wine — “Birds of a Feather”
I met Laura while I was still living in New York. She’s a fellow expat in the States, with all that entails of alternating enthusiasm and occasional alienation we feel for an adopted homeland. Her voice is sure to stick with you.

Therese Aune — “Hedina”
Therese Aune will be opening up for Racing Heart at our Oslo-bonanza of a release show on Sept 22nd! This was one of my favorite releases of 2015.

Land of Leland — “New Mexico”
I used to play in this band, least by Justin Keller who’s a good friend and great musician. I always felt this song wouldn’t be out of place on a Tango in the Night Fleetwood Mac era outtakes record, it’s that good.

ANOHNI — “Hopelessness”
I was initially pretty skeptical when “Hopelessness” came out, but it’s won me over in a big way. ANOHNI’s taking on politics in that same immediate and direct way of previous Anthony-records, but the way it sounds is much less pastoral and whimsical, and much more in-your-face and jagged.

Snøskred — Empty House
Went to see them earlier this year, not knowing what to expect. Went home that same night and wrote to the drummer pouring out barely cohesive words to the effect that their songs had renewed my faith in music. I stand by that. Enough said.

Junior Boys — “You Say That”
You know that feeling when one of your favorite bands have made a new album, it completely flies under your radar and you come across it months later? Well, I just bought this a week ago. Have been a Junior Boys fan for over ten years, their music is the soundtrack to the road movie of my life.

Gal Costa — “Sebastiana”
Another recent discovery, though this time 47 years (!) after the album came out. Talk about being late on the ball… That explosion of psychedelia and MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) that Brasil created in the ’60s and ’70s is something I keep coming back to.