Patrick Forbes

Patrick Forbes’ latest documentary, The Phantom, a film about how the State of Texas knowingly sent an innocent man to his death and left a serial killer at large, is in theaters on July 2 through Greenwich Entertainment. His career began as a very junior researcher on a BBC series, when he was arrested after discovering Britain had a (secret) spy satellite. At that moment, it was clear that documentaries offered a lot more excitement and interest than his previous career as an economist. He’s gone on to become one of Britain’s best documentary directors – winning the Best Director BAFTA for his Channel 4 series The Force, Best Series BAFTA for The National Trust (BBC), and having his documentary feature about Julian Assange, Wikileaks; Secrets & Lies, premiere at SXSW, before being seen around the world.


“Tell the Truth”

By Patrick Forbes | June 29, 2021

“Tell the Truth”

Patrick Forbes on the dramatic adventures he's had in pursuit of the truth, culminating in his gripping new documentary, The Phantom.