Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: The Orwells Have the Cure for What Ails You

If modern, sarcastic, dorm room sanctimony is beginning to hurt your soul, this playlist is for you.

Today, Chicago band the Orwells release their latest album of “mutilated pop songs,” Terrible Human Beings. To celebrate, Matt O’Keefe put together today’s playlist with some great hotel room performances, unpretentious, ironic lyricism and much more. Give it a listen and have a great weekend!
– Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Bob Dylan – “On a Rainy Afternoon”
I wonder what twentysomething Robbie Robertson and Dylan would do in a hotel room in 2017…Probably check the laminated piece of paper with the channels on it and take a crack at the USA Today crossword. Lord knows that’s what I do.

Lee Hazlewood – “I’d Rather Be Your Enemy”
Dig in to some LH. This man’s got the cure for what ails ya.

“Charlemagne” – John Cale
John Cale’s production credits are what always blew me away. The Stooges s/t, The Modern Lovers s/t, and Horses alone is a mind-boggling trifecta. Only recently did I start really getting into his solo records. This song kinda reminds me of a Link Wray tune with a Welsh man singing on top.

Black Francis – “Break My Body”
This weird compilation type thing Black Francis released in 2004 is half hotel room demos and half bizarre reworkings of old Pixies songs. The hotel room stuff is pretty great; makes you realize how well this dude could seriously howl.

Paul Westerberg – “AAA”
Once I wore every Replacements record into the ground, I had no where to turn but Westerberg’s solo shit. I always thought this tune felt like a leftover from Don’t Tell a Soul that was spared the overproduction.

Randy Newman – “Pretty Boy”
Randy Newman being as cool as ever. Being a hyper ironic lyricist and seemingly unpretentious is a tough line to walk. Twenty seventeen could use some more like that; the modern, sarcastic, dorm room sanctimony is beginning to hurt my soul.

Warren Zevon – “Jesus Mentioned”
Dark tune. Don’t know much about this guy, but as far as songs about Elvis go this one feels different then the rest.

The Zephyrs – “I Just Can’t Take It”
I got real obsessed with the whole Fading Yellow/Nuggets/Back from the Grave type comps. back in the day. This tune always stood out to me amongst what are virtually five thousand versions of the same song.