Talkhouse Playlist: Sweet Ohmme Chicago

The ladies of Ohmme share their favorite Chicago tracks.

At this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival, we had the pleasure of catching up with Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham of Ohmme after their set. These two ladies are part of an awesome community of musicians in Chicago (just listen to Spencer Tweedy and Whitney’s podcast), so we asked them to make us a playlist of their favorite Chicago-based music. Enjoy!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse marketing manager

Grandkids — “Collegiate Peaks”
My favorite Chicago band. Great grooves, amazing songwriting… They have a new album coming out this fall that I’m really excited about.

V.V. Lightbody — “Fish in Fives”
The frontwoman from Grandkids, Vivian McConnell’s solo project. Feels like you’re floating through the ocean. Perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Wei Zhongle — “Decentralized”
It’s the disjointedly infectious groove that really gets me here. I’ve only recently gotten into these guys, but I am really excited to hear more from them. I’ve been a fan of Rob Jacobs for a while, so I am super into this project.

Charles Rumback and Ryley Walker — “Dhoodan”
Charles is a really good friend of ours. His adorable son is even listed as an executive producer on our first project. This is a record of improvised/composed instrumental music with Ryley Walker and it’s really got some great vibes going. Incredibly tasteful drumming and guitar playing. I would recommend listening to this whole project, Cannots, all the way through while lying on your living room floor, staring at the ceiling and contemplating life.

Jeff Parker — “Here Comes Ezra”
So many grooves. SO MANY. Jeff Parker is a personal hero of ours; we love Tortoise!

Eryn Allen Kane — “Slipping”
Eryn’s voice can do anything. I love that this song is stripped down to just guitar and voice because you can hear it shine through in a really special way.

Mick Jenkins — “Drink More Water”
Mick Jenkins has been on a steady rise for a while, I saw him live at the Metro without ever having heard him before (maybe a year ago?) and was so blown away.

JLin — “Erotic Heat”
Footworking is a really important part of Chicago culture, and JLin is making great music both for that and enjoying on its own. I heard about JLin from Lane Beckstrom (another awesome Chicago musician) and I’m drawn to her music. She’s got a great way of turning around sounds.

Daniel Knox — “Don’t Touch Me”
Daniel Knox has such a unique voice and way of songwriting. Everything sounds so warm and theatrical. I love this song the most because of its lyrics. I imagine it as the stream of consciousness from a germaphobe as they pass through the world around them.

Angela James — “Time Will Tell”
Angela James is another good friend of ours who we really look up to. She was pregnant while writing/recording this record and these songs are her musings on motherhood and how life changes once you have a child. Really beautiful stuff. Not to mention her voice is incredibly pure and haunting.

Quinn Tsan — “Love of a Painter”
Intimate and open. She lays it all out there, you can hear every stroke of her fingers on the guitar, and every delicate detail of her voice. I love the lap steel as well.

Al Scorch — “Pennsylvania Turnpike”
THAT BANJO THOUGH. Al has so much energy and can play the banjo like nobody I’ve ever seen.

Jamila Woods — “LSD”
Jamila’s words have always struck me in the deepest part of my heart. For anyone who is a native Chicagoan, adopted Chicagoan or just loves Chicago, this is an ode to our city and a beautiful one it is.

Whitney — “Dave’s Song”
I chose this one not just because it’s a really great song, but because I love Julian’s “Oooh” at 2:21! It’s their attention to detail that makes this album such a critical one. These guys have crafted a perfect summer record and I’m so glad to have been a small part of it. Put it on, roll the windows down, drive down LSD and see how much your day improves.

Twin Peaks — “Walk to the One You Love”
I love these guys! Really great human beings and they can put on a fucking awesome live show.

Bitchin Bajas — “Asian Carp”
Great textures on this song; you can almost imagine yourself inside of it with the sound occurring all around you. I love seeing these guys live.

(Photo credit: Maren Celest)