Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: The Melting Pot of YĪN YĪN

The Dutch band look to faraway places like south and east Asia for their sonic inspirations.

Happy Friday! We have something special for you today. Coming from the Netherlands, YĪN YĪN is a six-piece band bringing together a wide array of influences including Thai funk, surf-rock grooves, swirling psychedelia, and Italo-disco beats, just to name a few. Check out the single, “Shēnzhou V.,” which, to me, has echoes of Khruangbin, Chicano Batman, and Ibibio Sound Machine. In honor of their new album, The Age of Aquarius, the band compiled some inspirations in this weekend playlist. Enjoy!
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Director of Operations

Whether strolling around record stores, surfing the net for a tune you heard in that weird movie, or getting tips from DJ friends, finding new music is easier than ever these days. A lovely way to spend your time, we would say. It’s not only Thai and Cambodian music that inspires our band — Indian Bollywood and Japanese music are great inspirations as well. Here are 10 tracks that had a huge influence on us. Peace!

Sodsri Rungsang — “Uay Porn Tahan Chaydan”
First time I heard this was like stepping into another dimension. The beautiful Thai flute (Khan) and her style of singing are just pure magic!

Dengue Fever — “Sleepwalking Through The Mekong”
One of the contemporary bands that still captures the spirit of true psychedelic Thai funk!

Ros Sereysothea — “Chnam Oun Dop-Pram Muy”
Here you can hear rock & roll having a big influence on the Cambodian music scene. Absolute party starter with an angel voice!

Taeko Onuki — “Le Courant De Mecontentment”
Inspired by the USA electric boogie scene, Japanese city pop instantly teleports you into a Japanese anime kind of vibe. Just lovely.

Haruomi Hosono — “Mabui Dance #2”
The way Hosono mixes traditional Japanese elements with electronic pop elements is just unique! Love that this track feels very spiritual and holy.

The Bombay Royale — “The Island of Dr. Electrico”
’70s Bollywood music is just incredible! This one is one of the fattest juicy funk licks of that era.

R.D. Burman — “Mehbooba Mehbooba”
R.D. Burman is responsible for tons of awesome Bollywood scores. This one really gets you moving.

Jiraphand Ong-Ard — “Thai Boxing”
Groovy drummer! Jolly Thai funk at its best! And awesome cover art. 😀

Asha Bhosle, Hemant Bhosle — “Sansani Khez Koi Baat”
A perfect example of a disco tune with pentatonic scales. The balance between the infectious groove and the mysterious vibe makes it one of my favorite tracks ever.

Pan Ron — “I Want To Be Your Lover”
Beautiful harmonies that really hit the spot. The muffled tape quality sound brings extra flavor. Let the tears flow…

(Feature Image Photo Credit: Ben Houdijk)