Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Ibibio Sound Machine Echoes the Sounds of the Past and the Future

Grab your dancing shoes and start your weekend off right with this playlist.

Ibibio Sound Machine is your new favorite band that you haven’t heard yet. They blend the energy of West African funk and disco while incorporating modern electronic elements. Their latest album, Doko Mien, was recently released on Merge Records and to celebrate, trombone/synth player Tony Hayden (along with some input from the rest of the band) compiled a playlist for his younger self — songs he would share, along with some pearls of wisdom.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Operations Manager

Tune-Yards — “Bizness”
Fantastically creative. This track by Tune-Yards reframes Afro beat in a unique way. I love the vocals.

Q-Tip — “We Fight/ We Love”
Super soulful funk, baby. Sometimes, you just gotta play it cool. Our trumpet player Scotty loves this one.

Esperanza Spalding — “Good Lava”
Juxtaposition can be the key to complex flavors. Esperanza Spalding brings some heaviness with this tune; such a sweet voice surrounded by edgy guitars, making this a complex and delicious flavor.

Underground System — “Just a Place”
How to start a party: Just let yourself go and keep going. Met these guys in Brooklyn and we had a brilliant time. Underground System are amazing!

Goat — “Let it Burn”
We look for the fire inside, music making colors in your mind. Psychedelic rock with piercing vocals and a heavy groove.

LCD Soundsystem — “Dance Yrself Clean”
Sometimes you gotta set up a moment with patience and vulnerability. This track takes a little while to start, but it smashes you when it drops and you dance all the way to the end. Another gem from the LCD geniuses.

Clap! Clap! — “Conqueror (Action / Assault / Conquest)”
Travel with your ears to new places and new basses. This is from a few years ago now — it turns most sound systems into a weapon. African sounds with heavy electronic roots.

Oneohtrix Point Never, Iggy Pop — “The Pure and the Damned”
The voice can tell more than one story at a time. Iggy Pop, you made me cry a little. Such deep lyrics and vulnerability. Only Iggy Pop could deliver this story.

Golden Teacher — “No Hemos Vivido”
We look for synchronicity and move within it. Deep and always left of center, Golden Teacher are inspirational. I love the way they combine electronics with drums here, and the way they take their time getting where they’re going.

Jimi Hendrix — “Manic Depression”
Some things do last forever; “Manic Depression” by Jimi is one of those things. Alfred, our guitarist, loves this.

(Photo Credit, left: Dan Wilton)