Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Los Bitchos’ Virtual World Tour

The City Slang band take us around the world in this playlist.

I’m really excited to share this weekend’s playlist. Los Bitchos are quickly becoming my new favorite band. Their debut album Let The Festivities Begin! is officially out today on City Slang Records, and it’s for fans of Khruangbin, Altin Gün, and Orions Belte. For their playlist, the band is taking us across the world to showcase some of their favorites played on their monthly Worldwide FM show, Planet Bitchos. Check it out!
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Director of Operations

We have compiled some of our favorite tracks from the Worldwide FM radio show we did during lockdown, Planet Bitchos, where we went on a virtual tour of the world, inviting guests along and exploring music from around the world. Doing the show was so much fun and kept us connected as a band during a time when we couldn’t get together physically to play music.
—Los Bitchos


Neneh Cherry — “Buffalo Stance”
A Swedish rapper from Gothenburg, whose career started in London in the early ‘80s playing in a bunch of punk bands such as The Slits! We love the ‘80s vibes of this tune and sassy little hooks which appear throughout — too catchy not to include!

Roxette — “The Look”
A bit of a band favorite! Swedish ‘80s pop at its finest. Nic has Roxette on tape in her car which has been the soundtrack to a lot of our early gig car journeys where we’d squeeze in tightly with guitars and cymbals in our laps but still vibe so hard to this tune!


Erkin Koray — “Cemalim”
Koray is considered one of the original pioneers of Anatolian rock in the Turkish psych-rock scene, embracing the electric guitar and favoring modern amplification. We love the hauntingly mesmerizing vocal line on this song and the guitar work is fabulous. You never want this track to end.


Icehouse — “Great Southern Land”
This song always takes me back to driving around Perth with my parents at night in the summer. So much nostalgia attached to this song, and I think it peaks with its quintessential ‘80s production (the gated reverb drums are wicked). (Serra)


Yellow Magic Orchestra — “Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)”
Formed in Tokyo in 1978 by Haruomi Hosono. A three piece. Pioneers in the use of synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines, etc. A band very much ahead of the game and essentially shaped the formative years of electronic music. The synth parts on this are out of control and so jingly —— just like we like it!


Honny & The Bees Band — “Sisi Mbon”
A single released 1973 and included in the incredible compilation Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds and Ghanaian Blues, 1968-81, from Soundway records, which is full of the best ‘70s highlife. The organ solo in this tune is out of control, as is the cowbell!!!!


Rupa — “Moja Bhari Moja”
From the record disco jazz, 1982. I had a lot of fun air-drumming along to this absolute disco banger when we recorded this show, and it’s one I always come back to when we DJ.

Mera Bhai — “Manana Groove”
This track is by our friend KP’s project Mera Bhai. He came on the show as a guest for this episode and we had such a blast!


Trio Los Panchos — “Perfidia”
Trío Los Panchos are one of the biggest bolero bands, I love their lyrics, they are the most romantic/cheesy ever. This song in particular always gets me, it’s just perfect. (Agustina)


Eduardo Mateo — “De Nosotros Dos”
Eduardo Mateo was an Uruguayan musician that helped a lot in the making of Uruguayan modern music that combines candombe beat, jazz, and bossa nova. His songs are extremely beautiful and express perfectly one of the biggest characteristics of Uruguayan culture: nostalgia.


Sylvie Vartan — “Fantaisie”
This is one of the most jolly tunes, you just have to dance and smile. The chord progressions and overall vibe of the song feels quite ABBA to us, so obviously we love it.

(Feature photo credit: Tom Mitchell)