Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Take a Long Summer Drive with Hatchie

Just in time for summer, Hatchie releases her debut LP, Keepsake, and shares this driving playlist.

Hatchie’s dreamy pop sounds have been vibrating off the walls of Talkhouse HQ since she first released her 2018 EP, Sugar & Spice. So, when we heard she announced her debut album, Keepsake, we naturally had to ask for a playlist. Here’s a small sample of the songs Hatchie brings with her on those long summer road trips. Enjoy!
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Operations Manager

I decided to make a driving playlist because it’s something I’ve actually been doing privately for years and was excited to share. Some of these songs suit bright and shiny days, some are more suited to rainy, introspective days. All of them are great to sing along with!

Sunflower Bean — “Easier Said”
I actually made myself a summer driving playlist a few years ago and this was the first song on it. It’s my favorite Sunflower Bean song. I love the guitars, and it’s great to sing along to. I think it’s perfect that the film clip features Julia singing on the back of a motorbike; it captures the exact feeling of the track.

The Wannadies — “You & Me Song”
This is another great summer song. I’ve always wanted to cover this — I think it’d be super fun. I love the jump from the laidback, classic rumba preset drums and recorder combo in the verse, to the massively electric chorus.

Beach Fossils — “Tangerine”
My boyfriend always plays this song in the car when we go for long drives, so I felt the need to include it. I love the cyclical guitars in the breaks and the sliding strings in the chorus.

Atlas Sound ft. Noah Lennox — “Walkabout”
I love this album. This was my top played track on my iPod for a while in high school. I remember listening to it on the train every day for a while. I love production so much.

The Lemonheads — “If I Could Talk I’d Tell You”
This song reminds me of driving around the suburbs in Brisbane with my old band. My friends Charles and Ruby are really into The Lemonheads, so they used to put them on heaps. I love the background noises and the whistled solo. It all makes me super nostalgic.

Emma Louise — “Gentlemen”
I’m an idiot for only just getting around to listening to this superb album recently. This is such a playful and loving song, the lyrics and energy are beautiful.

Cass McCombs — “Not The Way”
I used to put this song on repeat whenever I was driving around Brisbane in the rain. It makes me feel really sad but in a nice way. I only started paying attention to the verse lyrics recently, which brought a new meaning to the feeling. This song always feels way too short.

Clea — “Dreaming”
Back to summer! This chorus hits so hard. Vermillion is my favorite album of the last few years for sure. I love the attitude of the pre-chorus and the freedom of the chorus. The synth sound is so sick too.

The Waterboys — “The Whole Of The Moon”
To be played at maximum volume. This song is a masterpiece that deserves more credit. It’s another one to be played on repeat. I love how much is going on – so many instruments, so many sounds, so many voices. “I saw the crescent, you saw the whole of the moon.” Beautiful.

Carole King — “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”
My mum always used to sing this song so it holds a special place in my heart. This might be my favorite album of all time. It’s so simple, but heartbreaking.

(Photo Credit: left, Only Todd)