Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: The Buttertones Create a Future Tarantino Soundtrack

Discover pop melodies, silky surf guitars, and who the "real" beach boy is in The Beach Boys

This weekend playlist comes from the Los Angeles based rock & roll band The Buttertones. They created a playlist in honor of their new album Gravedigging which is out today on Innovative Leisure. The album, much like parts of this playlist, combines cinematic elements with a garage, surf, and punk sound. Enjoy the tracks and have a nice weekend.
-Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Marketing Manager


Zach Hill – “Dark Art”
Zach Hill might be my favorite musician of all time. He’s an explosive vessel of creative energy and the track “Dark Art” off the album Astrological Straits defines his no rules approach and proves just how otherworldly he can get.

Lee Hazlewood – “Your Sweet Love”
Possibly the most tender Hazlewood song in existence. “Your Sweet Love” is an honest, heartfelt expression of romance from his first solo album on MGM. The string arrangements and Lee’s warm baritone voice cut straight to the feels.


The Flesh Eaters – “Satan’s Stomp”
The Flesh Eaters are pioneers of the LA punk scene and consisted of members from other famous bands from the area like X, The Blasters, Los Lobos and The Plugz. I’m really into this group for their elaborate arrangements and their obscure, morbid lyrics. I dig the consistent melody, wailing sax and abrupt changes of this song.

Pixies – “La La Love You”
I’ve always loved the vibe of this tune. It’s led in with a punk beat, laid down with silky surf guitar followed by minimal, yet dreamy vocals. Pixies are able to blend genres seamlessly in a very unique way. You never know what this band has up their sleeve with their epic dynamics and start/stop energy.


Jody Reynolds – “Tarantula”
Jody Reynolds only had a small breach in the charts and was pretty much rejected by every label. Later, he was covered by a ton of great artists, like Billy Joel, MC5 and the Gun Club. This song, in particular, is a killer instrumental, the guitar tone rivals even Eddie Cochran’s twang. “Tarantula” is a great little gem.

The Moontrekkers – “Night of the Vampire”
The Moontrekkers were one of many rather unknown products of Joe Meek. This track really shows off Joe’s mastery of spookiness. A unique slur of call and response melodies is the coolest part (in my opinion) of this track.


Harumi – “Fire by the River”
This Japanese genius was discovered by some of the dudes of The Velvet Underground in the streets of London. They produced and helped him release this masterpiece of a song. Always puts me in a great mood.

Dennis Wilson – “Forever”
Dennis Wilson was always my favorite Beach Boy. He was the “real” beach boy of the group. He never really sung in the band until he released this beautiful love single and his solo album right before he passed away still young. This song always makes me fall in love again


The Walker Brothers – “Fat Mama Kick” 
No clue what the song is about but this track is one of the most original pop songs I’ve ever heard. It starts off with a funky bass line then trails off into a bare boned opera, I won’t give the rest away but there is a gorgeous surprise towards the end. I envy anyone who has yet to listen to the Walker Brothers or mainly Scott Walker.

The Royal Jesters – “My Angel of Love”
Picture a starry ceiling, high school dance with these five Latino Fonzie’s crooning and swaying on a cracking stage. It’s a simple song but the gorgeous harmonies and epic saxophone make it a classic.