Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Super Pretty Mellow Jams and More from Jordan Klassen

Listen to the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter's favorite singer-songwriters.

Today, Vancouver-based chamber folk-pop songwriter Jordan Klassen releases his latest EP, Curses, on Nevado Records. To accompany the new release, Klassen put together this playlist of some of his favorite singer-songwriters. Give it a listen, and have a great weekend!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Andy Shauf – “Quite Like You”
Andy is actually an old friend of mine, and I’ve watched him hone his storytelling skills over the years. This record, The Party, is really special to me because I know that behind it is years of amazing work ethic and uncompromising talent.

Steve Mason – “Water Bored”
My current jam. The production is so unique and fun. Reminds me of Beck sometimes, and old U2 sometimes.

Agnes Obel – “Familiar”
This might be one of the singer-songwriters that I’ve listened to the most over the last two years. I love that the music is so identifiable and unique, and yet feels so truly classical.

Aidan Knight – “All Clear”
Another old pal of mine. I love how much space Aidan’s music has. All of the arrangements are just so tasty and needed.

Joanna Newsom – “Divers”
Everything I aspire toward. Her songs are filled with so much dichotomy: dissonance and harmony, stories both classic and shocking.

RY X – “Shortline”
Super pretty mellow jams.

Aero Flynn – “Plates2”
Apparently from the Bon Iver Wisconsin community. Really odd and familiar at the same time.

Harry Nilsson – “1941”
In my current writing I’ve spent a lot of time with Nilsson. I love those ’60s and ’70s singer-songwriters who broke from the usual folk thing and embraced the pop.

Emma Louise – “Mirrors” 
This record had a really big influence on my 2016 release Javelin. I love how rich and organic it is, but still relies heavily on the synths.

The Magician and the Gates of Love – “I Want It All”

The writing project of one of my best friends, Nathan Moes. Nate is actually a teacher and a Latin dance enthusiast, but I wish he’d just throw it all away and write songs all day long. This song was played at my wedding recently and it got the dance floor PUMPIN’.