Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: How to Stay Human on the Road with Nots

The answer, of course, is Motörhead.

Touring can be a drag, but the badass Memphis band Nots know how to stay sane on the road. It turns out, the answer is a playlist full of no wave, krautrock and experimental French electronica. So give this one a listen as you cruise through your weekend, and make sure to check out Nots’ upcoming full-length, Cosmetic, out September 9 on Goner Records.
Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

The Hands of Time — “Midnight Rider”
A mid-sixties biker groover written specifically for cruising and breaking the law! Just listen to how much the singer yearns for personal freedom as he outstretches his vocal chords sweetly towards the hearts of all the Hell’s Angels out there. -Alexandra

Tuxedomoon — “No Tears”

Njurmännen — “Your Skin”
Love the synth hook on this one. And that drum machine makes me wanna drive. -Meredith

Lust For Youth — “Chasing the Light” (Anthony Napels Remix)
Just machine enough for you to do nothing but focus on the headlight spot leading your way into the night. -Natalie

Ruth — “Mots”
Synthy, saxxy, irresistible. Hearing this song is almost like having your mind pumped with fuel. A perfect marriage of synthesizers, saxophones & flutes. -Alexandra

Hawkwind — “Down Through The Night”
Just human enough to remind you that you still have a soul on tour. -Natalie

Moderne — “Vers l’Est”
For when you’re streamlining… -Alexandra

Motörhead — “Overkill”
Of course Motörhead. -Meredith

Bruce Springsteen — “State Trooper”
An honest plea that we’ve all made. I love these lyrics. -Natalie

Stephan Eicher — “Miniminiminijupe”

Phil Manzanera — “Big Dome”
Total groover. This whole record is great for long drives. -Meredith