Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Sonic Reflections from Sports

The dream-pop duo shares this playlist for when you're gazing into a mirror.

Dream-pop duo Sports released their new single “The Look” today. It’s from their forthcoming new record, Get A Good Look Pt. 1, due out February 12. To celebrate the new track (and the new year), the two minds behind the project created this Talkhouse playlist.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Director of Operations

Hello. We made a playlist of songs that we think could be interesting to listen to in front of a mirror. Personally, we feel confident, energized, luxurious… curious even, when we hear these, and some of them served as the inspiration behind our new single “The Look.” We’d love to see how it makes you feel.


“I Wanna Be Myself” — Don Laka
Cale Chronister: I want to be myself. I want you to be yourself. This is the best mantra for me. There’s nothing better to celebrate than being myself. How powerful to celebrate being yourself when we’re all subjected to comparisons all day?

“Cool Cat” — Queen
Cale: You are cool. So am I. But being cool doesn’t matter. Feeling cool means a lot more. And anyone can feel cool. Feeling cool is being cool. This song makes me feel cool.

“U Got The Look” — Prince
Cale: In case you didn’t get the message from us, Prince will also tell you. “U Got The Look.” Don’t forget that. Boys vs Girls in the world series of love. A lot of people have been talking about the look and so are we. You got the look.

“Que Du Bon” — Peaking Lights
Cale: I know, this is sort of unsettling at first. It sounds like something is either failing, or about to take flight. It sounds like we need to pay attention. We might need to get involved. Suppress the flight instinct and stay put. This music leads somewhere new in 90 seconds. Somewhere much more relaxing and I feel like squinting my eyes when I hear it. There is a confidence in this song that is slow and steady. The best kind of confidence. It’s a wonderful world of chaos and beauty. Chaos is beauty. We are chaotic. We are beautiful.

“Dinas” — Bendith
Cale: I feel scared when I listen to this song. I imagine I’m alone in a castle in the middle of the night. I’m holding a candle to look around in my robe. I once had a cat named Dina. So I think of her being there too. Lurking around. Suddenly visible by the eye of my candle, sitting in a moonlit window. Now I’m not so scared. I’m very curious. I’m enjoying this feeling I usually avoid.

“Openings” — Emerald Web
Christian Theriot: For the last month I’ve been starting my mornings not looking at my phone and replacing that time with meditation. It’s been difficult but has the most profound effect on my day. This song is an audio version of my mind during my time meditating. My thoughts may wonder but there’s this underlining calmness throughout.

“Fresh” — Daft Punk
Christian: That feeling after a shower when you look in the mirror feeling fresh and ready to take on whatever the day is going to throw at you.

“Feel Good Inc” — Gorillaz
Christian: I know the lyrical content doesn’t necessarily coincide with the surface level meaning of the title, but that’s where I’m trying to work when I’m looking in the mirror.

“We Go On” — The Avalanches, Cola Boyy, Mick Jones
Christian: Since this album came out I’ve listened to it almost every morning and as soon as this song plays and I’m instantly happy. The fact that music has that ability is just incredible. Another title that I’ve interpreted separately from the actual lyrical content but that simple phrase of “We Go On” is so important. Not getting too caught up by my thoughts and getting on with my day.

“You Got It” — Roy Orbison
Christian: Anytime someone has said this phrase to me when I’ve doubted myself it has the ability to instantly change my confidence. Having the ability to control that without outside input you’ll be unstoppable.

(Photo Credit: left, Max Alo)