Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Summer Relaxation with Hot Flash Heat Wave

Consider these songs your musical Fourth of July fireworks.

Earlier this month, the San Francisco band Hot Flash Heat Wave released their second album Soaked. They join Mild High Club, The Buttertones, and Jay Som as the latest in a wave of dream-pop and garage rock bands coming out of California. Bandcamp also recently named Soaked as their June 15th “Album of the Day.” To celebrate the album, the band’s guitarist Adam Abildgaard curated a playlist full of the band’s favorites. From all of us here at Talkhouse, enjoy the weekend and the Fourth of July holiday.
-Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Lindsay Buckingham — “Trouble”
This is a classic jangle tune that has really inspired me as a guitarist with its simplicity and catchiness. I often listen to this one on long drives to get my mind off the road and into the clouds.

Billy Idol — “Eyes Without A Face”
Our good friend Ry Pieri who directed our soon to be released music video for “San Francisco Dating Life” played this one all the time. It always brings back fond memories with a stinging twinge of nostalgia each time I hear it.

Sunbeam Sound Machine — “Wandering, I”
I connect to the lyrics in this song. Especially as a musician, I sometimes wonder if I’m wasting my life chasing a pipe dream. Everyone goes through deep moments of self-doubt in regards to career and direction, and this song really speaks to that sentiment.

Jay Som — “Peach Boy”
This is such a classic track and it’s by our good friend and fellow Bay Area musician Melina Duterte! It’s great to see other homie bands playing sick music and succeeding. This one is dreamy and will get stuck in your head for days.

Ilian — “Hey Denise”
Right from the get go this track has great energy and hooks you in the entire song. I love the playful vocals and the bouncy guitar and rhythms going on.

Part Time — “I Belong to You”
A shimmering, guitar driven song about a yearning heart. “I Belong to You” is beautiful and sad, perfect for listening while sitting in a dimly lit room.

My Bloody Valentine — “Off Your Face”
Belinda Butcher lays down some of the best female vocals of all time on this track. I love how her voice weaves together throughout the song in such a unique and creative fashion. I hope to write songs as inventive and dream-like.

Jons — “Serfs of Today” 
The melody in “Surfs of Today” is infectious and the arrangement always gets me dancing. This band is legendary and people need to listen to them!

No Vacation — “Dræm Girl”
I love the guitar and bass work on this song. No Vacation is making some of the catchiest music around and I’m always inspired listening to their tunes.

The Cleaners from Venus — “Night Starvation”
A heartache of a song that truly encapsulates longing for love. The guitar tones are like ear candy and when the chorus hits I often shed a single tear.