A Montreal-Heavy Talkhouse Weekend Playlist from Ben Shemie of Suuns

This playlist ranges from hard-to-categorize electronica to classics from Prince and Lou Reed.

Sometimes it’s hard to try to explain why you like something. Suuns singer/guitarist Ben Shemie shares today’s Talkhouse Weekend Playlist, with perplexing, left-field electronic tracks from Peder Mannerfelt and absolute jams from Prince. Check out Suuns’ new record, Hold/Still, out now via Secretly Canadian.
–The editors of Talkhouse Music

Big Brave — “On The By-And-By And Thereon”
Coolest band to emerge from Montreal in a while. Hard to categorize this super heavy band. It’s minimal and raw and weighs a ton.

Peder Mannerfelt —”Coast to Coast”
Really cool new album. Friend of mine just turned me on to this, so it’s fresh jams. It’s a strange thing to try to explain why you like something. But generally left field electronica floats the boat.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — “Rare Things Grow”
Super cool electronic record with a contemporary music spin. Doesn’t sound like anything else. Keep coming back to the saxophone and the rad vocal-pedal-thing-whatever-that-is.

Menace Ruine — “The Die Is Cast”
Most underrated band from Montreal. So deep and badass. I don’t like listening to them too much because I’m afraid of wearing them out. It’s a whole pit of epic dark and murky shit.

Sandro Perri — “How Will I?”
That age-old question, “Which record would you bring on a desert island?” might be answered by Impossible Spaces by Sandro Perri. It’s incredibly original and super interesting while totally accessible. I’m sure I will keep coming back to this album for the rest of my life.

The Besnard Lakes — “The Plain Moon”
Again, another dope band from Montreal. Jace, the singer, recorded our first two records and we owe a lot to him. The Besnard Lakes are also one of those bands that confirm why I want to make music.

Helado Negro — “Triangulate”
At all hours, on any day, any time of year, I can get down to HN.

Holy Other — “Touch”
We did a gig once with this cool dude. Ever since, I throw on his records late at night. It’s the perfect balance of dark electronic tones.

Prince — “Sexy Dancer”
Why is this song the jam? Hmm… Let me see…

Lou Reed — “Satellite of Love”
I got Transformer from my older cousin when I was a kid, and it pretty much transformed me. Something about the perfect simplicity and dark undertones of Lou Reed’s music is forever refreshing.

(Photo credit: Nick Helderman)