Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Pissed Jeans and the Songs that Inspired Why Love Now

Find out which Danzig song makes frontman Matt Korvette feel like a killer wolf.

Today, Pissed Jeans release their latest LP Why Love Now, produced by Arthur Rizk and No Wave legend Lydia Lunch. To celebrate its release, frontman Matt Korvette put together this playlist of songs that he was digging and felt inspired by during the making of the record. Give it a listen and make sure to pick up your copy of Why Love Now today via Sub Pop.
– Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Danzig – “Killer Wolf”
The master. I feel like a killer wolf when I listen to this.

X – “Present” 
Pretty much every note off of Aspirations we’ve tried to copy or steal in some way or another.

Ministry – “Burning Inside”
Always trying to channel this vibe, but I think Uniform beat us to it.

Kilslug – “Into a Hole”
Pure punk rock toiletry, very inspiring.

Demdike Stare – “Past Majesty”
Still trying to figure out a way to write a song that sounds like this.

Goatsnake – “Prayer for a Dying”
True riff gods; every moment with Goatsnake is a gift.

Mad Virgins – “I Am a Computer”
A friendly reminder that teenagers used to be great.

Kite – “Dance Again”
A song to violently cry and dance to; can’t stop listening.

White Zombie – “Thunder Kiss ’65”
The astro-creep knows how to write a hook.

Agent Orange – “Bloodstains”
Makes me want to skin my knees while skating.

Carly Simon – “Why”
The most powerful form of musical heartbreak I’ve ever heard. Extended mix is a must.

Sort Sol – “Abyss”
Miserable and rollicking…and Lydia sang on this album too.

Clock DVA – “Hide”
Dig into this and watch as your khaki pants turn into black PVC.

Suburban Lawns – “Janitor”
Su Tissue is perhaps the perfect punk rock enigma.

Autre Ne Veut – “Play By Play”
Perfect mix of insultingly awful and pristine pop perfection, can’t get enough.