Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: A Mixtape from The Molochs

Singer-songwriter and band founder Lucas Fitzsimons compiles his favorite car jams.

Today, The Molochs released their third studio album, Flowers In The Spring, out via Innovative Leisure. To help celebrate, band founder and singer-songwriter Lucas Fitzsimons compiled some of his recent favorites while touring throughout August.
-Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Operations Manager

Robyn Hitchcock — “Madonna of the Wasps”
Hitchcock is an undeniably good songwriter and singer. His music moves from Barrett-era loner music into Punk and New Wave… such a good marriage of both. This song has a melting beauty to it. It’s dreamy and romantic.

Stone Roses — “Where Angels Play (Demo)”
“That song’s alright, but have you heard the demo?” Yes, this is a very common thing to hear in the era of such access to all sorts of music’s past. I must say, however, that this cliché is a cliché for a reason. There is an intimacy and vulnerability to some demos that you simply can’t find in the later album versions. This is exactly that case, especially for Ian Brown, whose voice varies upon situation a lot in my opinion. This is his bare bones and it’s some of my favorite singing I’ve heard. Beautiful song, too.

The Everly Brothers — “So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)”
I’ve been revisiting them lately. The Everlys are a great source to return to for inspiration in songwriting, singing, harmonizing. Even the recordings and instrumentation sound great. A really lasting charm.

Eddie Hazel — “California Dreamin’”
This is an amazing album by the amazing guitar player Eddie Hazel, who broke away from Parliament Funkadelic after being jailed for assault. A great artist in his own right. This version of the Mamas and the Papas hit is such a good creative reinterpretation.

OutKast — “Player’s Ball”
A classic album and it’s already becoming a favorite car jam as we being this U.S. tour. So much to say about it but you might as well just listen to it yourself.

100 Flowers — “California’s Falling Into The Ocean”
Early ’80s LA punk (originally The Urinals). Last year we were lucky enough to play a show with this band. They borrowed all of our equipment. It was pretty fun seeing their guitar player playing this song out of my guitar amp.

Breakfast Muff — “Babyboomers”
New garage punk from Glasgow, Scotland. I saw this band during SXSW this year at an event showcasing only Glaswegian bands. They were so good live. This whole album is worth checking out.

Devo — “Bottled up”
I don’t think it’s possible to like music and not like Devo. This is my favorite recording of them from their pre-record label era.

Landline — “Landline”
I don’t know too much about this band. Amazing new synth punk/new wave from the San Francisco (I think).

Nikki Sudden/Rowland S. Howard — “Girl Without A Name”
These two guys are so influential and legendary. In the late ’80s, they collaborated on an album and an EP. This is such a classic recording.