Talkhouse Playlist: Impending Nuclear Doom with Green Gerry

How to welcome total destruction warmly.

Art-rock songwriter Green Gerry put together today’s Talkhouse Playlist to help you cope with anxiety you may be feeling for the future. You can hear Gerry’s new self-produced and self-released LP, Electric Iron, on January 20 (proceeds will be split evenly between five charities: the ACLU, NRDC, Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood and The Trevor Project). Make sure to check that out, and enjoy!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Hello there. This is a grip of love songs I’ve put together for cuddling with that special someone amid some sort of impending nuclear doom. Grab the one you love and listen very loudly over your home speaker system in a big, brass bed in front of a window as the life we’ve known comes to a bright and bubbly end.

The Eagles – “Take It To the Limit”

I thought this would be a great opener since, after all, this is a playlist about a nuclear war scenario caused by some sort of act of excess. This song completely inhabits that quality with a staggering minute-and-forty-second fadeout of the chorus. It rules. Go Don.

The Cure – “High”

One of their most bubbly tracks, sure, but the Cure being who they are, there is also that nostalgic sense of sadness. The balance of the opposites in the song brings about some kissy feels. Revisit this album (Wish), y’all.

Neil Young – “I’ve Been Waiting for You”

One of his coolest recordings in my personal opinion. From his first record. Happy feelings that have layered in some weird, dark and looming production. It’ll make a fabulous “last sunset” tune.

Cocteau Twins – “Oomingmak”

This song is probably what a heaven-type of place sounds like, so why not get your fill now and go somewhere else later?

Moondog – “High on a Rocky Ledge”

A friend turned me onto this one. One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life. I’d be happy to hear this under a global state of emergency with a loved one.

Scott Walker – “Do I Love You?”

Blissful arrangement, production and performance. Let Scott tell ’em how much you love ’em in those gripping final moments. Also, the bass line in the chorus is funking crazy.

Juan de la Cruz Band – “Himig Natin”

That same friend’s roommate turned us onto this song. Some lovely Pinoy psych-folk. Although I’m Filipino, I have no idea what this dude is saying. It’s pretty and heartbreaking and has a cool solo to melt to with your loved one.

The Fuzz – “I Love You for All Seasons”

This is in hopes you are getting lucky in the final moments. Let these sisters of soul sway you into your last fit of ecstasy.

John Lennon – “One Day (at a Time)”

Let this soundtrack the pillow talk if y’all haven’t been blown away yet. Sick sax solo, too.

Nina Simone – “That’s All I Ask”

Lyrics, production, arrangements, voice, melody on the “nobody” part… Oh my, I would love to get blown to bits with my soulmate to this song.

Ricky Nelson – “Sweeter than You”

Something to help you say all those things  you wanted to say but couldn’t get out before the bomb drops. Some ghostly harmonies, too.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – “I’m Glad”

In hopes the bomb hasn’t dropped and round two of getting lucky happens. Peep the demo version if you have time to. It’s pretty cool.

Chic – “Falling in Love with You”

In case some of the listeners here have just rushed to meet someone to fall in love with before the the world’s blown to bits. The bridge into the chorus is like magic.

Nina Simone – “Don’t Pay Them No Mind”

Another pillow talk song as you watch the one last, giant explosion.

Prefab Sprout – “Wild Horses”

Just in case you have yet another chance to get intimate before bald old men drop the bomb. Some slick production trickery going on here. That’ll light all their candles.

Brian Eno – “Deep Blue Day”

If all goes right, we will hopefully be slingshot into foggy space in slow motion to this lovely track by Brian Eno (with help from Daniel Lanois on pedal steel).

John Cale – “Big White Cloud”

Appropriately named track for this playlist. I would welcome total destruction warmly by kissing my loved one to this song. Song sounds like it was recorded atop a mushroom cloud.

Vangelis – “One More Kiss Dear”

Because we’ve finally come to the fiery end and I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather slow-dance with my loved one to for the very last time. “We’ll return dead, to the sky.”

(Photo credit: Cara Robbins)