Talkhouse Playlist: Dan Arnes’ (Leapling) Recent Obsessions

The musician melds music and film in this playlist.

Dan Arnes (a.k.a. Leapling) is a musician, video editor, and director; he’s worked on videos for the Blue Man Group, Nintendo, ESPN and more! Today, the Brooklyn-based musician shares a playlist full of his recent obsessions when it comes to film and music.
-Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Mica Levi – “Andrew Void”
Delved back into this incredible score after hearing that she was working on Jackie. Really inventive and distinct yet not flashy or distracting. Produced so well. Super creepy, memorable stuff.

Can – “I Want More”
Been listening to tons of Can since Jaki Liebezeit’s passing. More than usual, which is to say an absurd amount. This is maybe my favorite example of his incredible drumming: the most simple beat, yet the feel is so nuanced. One of a kind. If there was any justice in the world this song would be in every ’70s movie montage.

Meridian Brothers – “Te Odio (Te Amo)”
My girlfriend Stephanie showed me this track and I absolutely bugged out. Listened to it about a dozen times. Reminds me of something off of Stereolab’s Cobra and Phases. Really interesting take on Joe Meek with a little bit of Raymond Scott thrown in. Love when the drums flip.

Erykah Badu – “Fall in Love (Your Funeral)”
Listened to her Red Bull Music Academy talk and it rekindled my love for her great music. A remarkably consistent career. I think her last two records are among her best. The feel on this one is so, so sick. Minimal and effective.

Wings – “Arrow through Me”
Jon Brion mentioned this Wings song in an interview as “McCartney doing Stevie,” which was reason enough to check it out. No one can “do it all” quite like Paul. Weirdly enough, this is sampled on one of the aforementioned recent Erykah Badu records.

Jonny Greenwood – “Overtones”
Came back to Jonny’s The Master score, and this hypnotic track specifically, after hearing his mesmerizing string arrangement on “Glass Eyes” off the new Radiohead record. Love his use of extreme swells on this.

Boris Gardiner – “Every N****r Is a Star”
Huge year for this song between opening Moonlight in the most badass fashion and being the first thing you hear on To Pimp a Butterfly. Both only utilize the chorus, though. A really great song. The verses kind of weirdly sound like R&B Glen Campbell (“Wichita Lineman”), though maybe it’s just me.

Guilty Simpson & Four Tet – “Money Motivated Movements”
One of my favorite finds off Four Tet’s million hour megamix was, of course, by Kieran Hebden himself. A testament to his unbelievable versatility, this beat is so weird and bangs so hard. Love the juxtaposition between a rougher sounding MC and Four Tet’s esoteric production work.

Kevin Ayers – “Soon Soon Soon”
I always come back to Joy of a Toy. This is a B-side I can’t believe didn’t make the record. A really unique songwriter. Always felt like a mix of two of his collaborators Eno and Cale.

Longmont Potion Castle – “Goat”
My pal Andy showed me LPC this year and I immediately loved it so much I was almost upset I hadn’t known about it my whole life. I think at this point I’ve heard most of his insanely huge discography. I don’t think anything has made me laugh harder this year. So ridiculously silly. Dumb done smart.

Kazi & Madlib – “Called Your Bluff”
Had me at “Unearthed lost Madlib record.” I’ve idolized Madlib for a long time. This dates back to Lootpack era. Love hearing his old 4-track sound again.

Funkadelic – “Hit It and Quit It”
Used recently in my favorite episode of Atlanta (the club one) to great effect. Went to the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in DC recently and they had an awesome, appropriately prominent tribute to Funkadelic. Made me delve back into their super varied discography.

Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury – “Moving Out”
Was super excited when I heard Geoff Barrow of Portishead was scoring a Black Mirror episode and it does not disappoint. No one does that foreboding John Carpenter analog synth sequencer sound better.

The Monkees – “I’ll Be Back up on My Feet”
Monkees are a huge favorite of mine. So many of the greatest pop songwriters of the time writing for one band. This song is the anthem plain and simple.