Talkhouse Playlist: Beaty Heart’s Sleaze Music To Creep To

The band of drummers share their favorite beats from Southern Europe, South East London and more.

Beaty Heart, with an unusual live configuration of three drummers, know their beats. Today, they celebrate their tour kickoff with a Talkhouse Playlist full of deep house beats from Southern Europe, South East London and more. Enjoy Beaty Heart’s Sleaze Music To Creep To, and make sure to catch them on their current tour!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager 

Blue Gas — “Shadows From Nowhere”
At this point, this is now like my favorite song ever, right in the sweet spot of sleaze. I imagine this one steaming up the discotheque windows in Southern Europe during the ’80s.

Jamie Isaac — “Last Drip” (Remix ft. Reggie Snow)
Repping South East London with this one. Jamie Isaac is King Krule/Archy Marshall’s roommate and this whole crew is making some seriously great music together at the moment.

Nikelus F — “Laced Weed”
As shady as shady is possible to be. One of the best rappers around I reckon.

Fatima Yahama — “What’s A Girl To Do”
Crazy how much emotion is in this jam compared to how little actually changes throughout the song.

Fresh & Low — “New Life”
Get the rosé on ice and explore your body to this gem.

Mall Grab — “Can’t (Get You Out of My Mind)”
Yeah, put that rosé in a cup now, this is perfect Tinder swiping music.

Galcher Lustwerk — “I Neva Seen”
Getting really really sleazy now.

Shiego Sekito — “The Word II”
Mac Demarco brought me here!

Ratking — “Eat”
Ratking always makes me think of the movie Kids, and Jean Michel Basquiat. Just so so cool and has a truly New York tone. Powerful music man.

Kerri Chandler — “Where’s The Baby?”
Only recently came across Kerri Chandlers stuff and I’ve been binging ever since, so deep and sweaty. This one sounds like how I imagine ‘ludes feel.

Jam City — “Proud”
Another one from South East London, this whole album is incredible, and totally reflects the disenfranchised mood in London at the moment.