Talkhouse Playlist: A Very Swedish Halloween with Peter Bjorn and John

A playlist full of werewolves, pentagrams, and even a Lucifer.

Today we have a special Halloween edition of our Talkhouse playlist. Longtime Swedish indie rockers Peter Bjorn and John recently released their eighth studio album, Darker Days. If you haven’t already, check out one of the singles, “Gut Feeling.” Recently, we gave the band the fun assignment of tracking down their favorite Halloween songs, and they delivered. From voodoo soul to a Mancini film score, this eclectic playlist is full of some spooky gems.
-Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Operations Manager

Peter Bjorn and John — “May Seem Macabre”
Realized that we made our own Halloween song years back. A dream about watching your own funeral, being buried with your loved one, and finding it oddly pleasant should count, right? Spooky stuff.

Os Mutantes — “Ave, Lúcifer”
When I tried to think of creepy songs, this by the Tropicália psych masters sprung to mind first. Even if you don’t speak Portuguese, there’s definitively something fishy going on here…

The Kinks — “Wicked Anabella”
Way before the shock-rock-wave, the Davies brothers mastered the genre in a freak-beat version here in this ode to (I’m presuming?) a witch. Great drums from Mick Avory.

The Kac-Ties — “Mr. Werewolf”
Leaving you with an upbeat doo-wop attempt to get that evil Werewolf off our back. We all know that feeling, right?

Pentagram — “Be Forewarned”
Can a band name be more fitting for Halloween than Pentagram? Probably, but this song is really cool and the instrumental riff at the end is scary good.

Howlin’ Wolf — “Moanin’ At Midnight”
If you make it to midnight on Halloween, you should definitely listen to Howlin’ Wolf.

Dr. John — “I Walk On Guilded Splinters”
If there is something called “voodoo soul,” this should be part of that scene. Dr. John’s first album is a classic from the first to last song.

Henry Mancini — “Experiment in Terror” 
Classic Mancini stuff. Here, he plays the terrific theme on the zither (and on our nerves…).

Hortlax Cobra — “Parked Life”
A burned out zombie singing from the bottom of the grave.

John Maus — “The Crucifix”
Always have a crucifix (or this song) in your back pocket during Halloween.

Pino Donaggio — “Prelude”
The main theme from the great movie Blow Out by Brian de Palma. John Travolta plays a sound guy who records screams for horror movies.

(Photo Credit: Johan Bergmark Medium)