Talkhouse Playlist: Raw and Heartfelt Songs from Forth Wanderers

Find out which John Maus song will melt your heart like butter.

Today’s playlist comes from the members of Montclair, New Jersey’s, Forth Wanderers. The four-piece put out an excellent EP, Slop, last year and are now gearing up for a few shows at SXSW. Make sure to check them out, and enjoy!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Lil Ugly Mane – “Drain Counter”
I like to listen to this song while I’m driving because it makes me feel like I am on my way to do something cool or cutting class in high school. -Ben

John Maus – “The Law”
This song is like a bibimbap of sweet tones. His deep baritone melts my heart like butter. -Ben

Viper – “You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack”
What more can I say? -Noah

Animal Collective – “Fireworks”
This sound rides its train track-sounding drum beat through the many chambers of your heart. -Noah

Elliott Smith – “Drive All Over Town”
I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day. It’s just super cool and has a haunted sinister kind of sound that you don’t forget. -Zach

John Coltrane – “Resolution”
I love jazz and this song is crazy cool. Everyone in Coltrane’s band at this time sounds so powerful and they are the best at what they do. -Zach

Madvillain – “Fancy Clown”
This song’s beat is super tasty. The concept of the song is also really cool in the context of the album. -Duke

Porches. – “Good Book”
I cried all through high school listening to this song. I am crying right now. -Duke

Amy Winehouse – “I Heard Love is Blind (Acoustic)”
This is one of my favorite demos of Amy’s; it sounds super raw and heartfelt. Also Amy is a huge inspiration to me -Ava

Al Green – “Tired of Being Alone”
Al Green is the best, so soulful and sweet! Never get tired of this song -Ava