Shamir-oscopes: June 2017

Talkhouse's brand-new astrologer breaks down your sign's theme song, mantra, and fortune for the month.

Very Virgo

June theme song: “Let It Go,” James Bay

June mantra: “I analyze…”

Very down-to-earth Virgo is a cool, mutable sign that knows how to get along with every sign. Galvanizing Gaia (mother earth) gives you extra gifts in this way. Virgos are to-the-point, but in a soothing, calm way, without any jolts. The hidden issue with the Very Virgo is they are like our Gemini homies: Their minds never shut down thanks to their shared ruling planet, Mercury. Though you keep it quiet, Very Virgo is always overthinking everything. You beings are so analytical that the universe produced the mantra “I analyze…” for you, and this sometimes keeps you stressed out. Very Virgo is the worrier of all the signs, but this comes along with being of service to the world. Virgos came here to help humanity! If you add up all of Very Virgo’s ways and their being the owners of the sixth house of health and meticulous routine, it equals hypochondriacs who keep things in pristine order. Y’all have to learn how to just let it go sometimes, because no matter what, it will be okay! And guess what, Very Virgo? The month of June will definitely be okay, too, with a lot of focus on your money sector. Permit me to lay out the planetary transitions for you below without worry, Very Virgos!!

Jupiter has been retrograde since February 6, meaning all of the signs were working on some inner things. If you planted your seeds in a timely manner, the full moon on June 9, when Jupiter will go direct, will find them flowering. Now that Jupiter is back, the outside action begins! One of the perks for you is that Jupiter can grow our money. Leave your presentations and speaking arrangements for June 13, when a nice hook-up from your ruling planet, Mercury, in your brother’s house of Gemini lays out the red carpet for you.

Celebrate the summer solstice on the 21st with gratitude for what the springtime seeds you sowed are now manifesting. My suggestion for Very Virgos is to sit back, relax, and enjoy all of those rewards throughout the rest of the month. You know ​verywell what to do for the month of June, my loves!

Leveled Libra

June theme song: “Radio,” Lana del Rey
June mantra: “I balance…”

What I love about the zodiac wheel is that each slice helps complete the whole circle of life. One of those pieces especially keeps the balance. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out that my Leveled Libras, symbolized by a set of scales, jumped to the occasion, and I am so glad that you did. I bet that you can already guess what your mantra is: Yes, it’s “I balance…” Be careful at doing so at your own expense, though. Don’t be afraid to express yourself because you feel that it might shake up the room. Just because you are in charge of keeping things leveled does not mean you need to neglect yourself in the process, and balance your own harmony, in the process. Your first house, of persona, and your twelfth house, of the unseen, are big in June. Let’s see how my Leveled Libras balance out the month with the summer solstice coming in to warm life up.

First come, first served: If you focus on unleashing enormous plans at the beginning of the month, you’ll be served a plate of opulence. The energies are rich for you to pull out hidden gifts that you may have been sitting on through the years. Like the corporate businesswoman who never showed anyone her lavish paintings, or the auto detailer who loves to write short stories. The show is taking place in your first house, with the planets perfectly in place to make your grand entrance—and keep it going in the long-term. That businesswoman could find a gracious buyer of her paintings, which would help her start an art gallery, and that auto detailer may get a lucrative book deal or other assignment after publishing something amazing.

The twelfth house will support any of you who want to go into mystical work, too. June is really set up for these kind of scenarios, so use those beautiful energies. The ninth brings in the full moon, and the fruition of your first-of-the-month plans; Jupiter assists with structuring the future of those plans on this day, as well. Now the universe is switching it up to Mercury in Gemini on June 13, bringing on perks based in communication, teaching, and learning. If you don’t want the scales to be tipped then end all planning here by the solstice on June 23, due to unfavorable mixed energies at the end of the month. Balance out June, my Leveled Libras, with love.

Shifting Scorpio

June theme song: “The Glittering Prizes,” Television Personalities

June mantra: “I’ll change…”

I myself am a Shifting Scorpio, so you know I’ll have to go all the way in on our water sign. It’s ruled by Patient Pluto, which is focused on slow, long-term change. We are the transformers of the Zodiac in pure essence: Pluto rules death, rebirth, and sex. Shifting Scorpios are very private and reserved: On the outside, we put on a hard shell like the scorpion who represents us, but inside, we are very sensitive. We keep only a handful of close friends and tend to internalize our concerns, expecting them to go away eventually. What usually happens instead is a climax of bottled-up emotions in the form of a breakdown…but a beneficial breakdown that shines light on what needs to be changed for us to transform.

I don’t know about the rest of my Shifting Scorpios, but I felt all the recent planetary retrogrades like I never have these last few months, and I can honestly say that I have definitely transformed. Now I know who my genuine friends are, what family really means to me, and what it takes to keep me balanced. I learned to let go of old habits and ways that were not benefiting me anymore and freed up space to welcome new things in. What those may be for us in June: Shifting Scorpio’s houses are focused in the eleventh (community) and twelfth (unseen mystical events). Find your tribe, and don’t be surprised when you feel psychic. Initiate all of your pretty plans and wild dreams at the beginning of the month while Venus is in Aries. Shifting Scorpios are determined to get what we want any way we need to, and these planets will make it that much easier for us.

You may have enjoyed expressing your highest self thus far in June—this month is a great time to do you in a way that everyone can see! Magical, manifesting Mama Moon will help you realize some things on June 9, too. Whatever comes up, be careful with your emotions, because Jupiter will finally go direct on the same day. Take it easy from there on out, because the end of the month will otherwise bring mental turmoil. I need all of my Shifting Scorpios to utilize these jolly June energies into changes that will shift you ever-higher. You can do it, my talented transformers!

Savory Sagittarius

June theme song: “Kill V. Maim,” Grimes

June mantra: “I’ll explore…”

Some savory dishes flip the script on traditionally sweet recipes to create the opposite. Think of a chicken pot pie: The average pie is usually a sugary dessert, and not a main course. The Savory Sagittarius persona fits this very description. I’m not implying that you guys aren’t sweet! But you are often unexpected and do things in a way all your own, working from old models to create something new. Savory Sagittarius is the fire sign that has to know a little bit about everything and how it functions—you rule the ninth house of higher learning and travel. Since your sign is mutable, you know how to match energies with different kinds of people. This month is special for you, since you’re a fire sign and the summer solstice is upon us, and Jupiter, your ruling planet, is going direct after a long retrograde period. If you’ve felt a lot of internal upheaval due to that retrograde pull, it will now result in major changes which will better yourself and your surroundings. Genuine June is bringing your tenth house, which represents your career, into the sunlight, as well.

If you began to explore some new plans around the new moon on May 25, then you were right on the money, honey. Your ninth house could mean that you find success in a new career. It can also take the shape of a side job that pays good money, like an internet-based business, or stepping into work roles that support your passion for life. The energies around the third of June, when Venus in Aries crunched up with Uranus, may have caused a little melodrama in your personal life, but this will be resolved soon, if it hasn’t been already. Enjoy the warm energies that add fuel to your fire sign, Savory Sagittarius, on the summer solstice on June 21. Enjoy the remaining of the month in chilled-out style after all your hard work—the end of the month will bring about ridiculous energy that you don’t want to bother with. Savor the month of June by trusting the synchronistic sun’s sustenance to keep the rest of your summer burning bright.

Shamir is Shamir and remains Shamir through and through, no matter what the universe puts him through. You may know the singularly named artist (think—Madonna or Cher) from his 2015 debut hit record Rachet, beloved by NPR listeners and club kids alike. After quickly rising to underground fame with his Northtown EP in 2014, the DIY pop star made a sonic splash with Rachet’s lead single “On The Regular,” a poppy banger that had extensive commercial usage. But how to follow all that up? Shamir, who came from the dusty dunes of Las Vegas, to Brooklyn’s Silent Barn, to the Philly indie scene (and all over the world in between), wanted to go back to what had inspired him from the beginning. Outsider music, country & punk. Raw and vulnerable tunes, stripped down to their emotional core. 2017’s Revelations explored a new avenue of guitar driven hooky indie rock and was widely critically praised in the US and overseas.

Shamir’s most recent releases, the brilliant Room 7” on Father/Daughter, and his self-released limited edition album, Resolution, are pinnacles in the catalog of the increasingly fascinating artist’s career. Room and its b-side Caballero celebrate Shamir’s love of country music, while Resolution is a deeply introspective look into the fabric of society and the artists’ own mind.  With these two releases he has refined his craft exponentially and done so in less than six months from the release of Revelations.