Shamir-oscopes: November 2017

This month's predictions and music recommendations from our resident astrologer.

Our most oracular contributor, Shamir Bailey, is brightening all of our fortunes by writing not only our horoscopes, but our astrological theme songs and guiding mantras for each month. Find out what the future holds, and how it sounds, by way of his wisdoms! Special thanks and love to Ameenah “Mama Bailey” Bailey for consulting on this article and helping to guide our paths.
—Amy Rose Spiegel, Editor-in-Chief, Talkhouse Music

Shifting Scorpio

Theme song: “No Small Talk,” Kari Faux

Mantra: Big things.

Happy super supreme birthday, my smooth, shifting Scorpios. This is your year to paint the world in your favorite colors, and all of the color choices will be fluorescent so we will never be missed or ignored again. Here’s to a stupendous, shining solar year of magic for us, with a lot of pure love.

November belongs to you, Shifting Scorpio, due to the expansive planet of good luck and gifts walking into your sign for a whole year. The planet that I am referring to is Generous Jupiter, and he always does it big, so all my Shifting Scorpio sweeties will be receiving and getting into some big things!

I know it seems like we just left a Mind-Altering Mercury retrograde, but we are about to enter another one in December; the shadow period will start on the 14th of this month. It will be the last one of the year, so use caution and plan things accordingly to avoid a lot of confusion. We will talk more about the retrograde next month.

The friendly full moon will take place in your seventh house of relationships on the fourth of the month in the sign of Taurus. A close family or home relationship will be on high beam during this time.

The nice new moon on the 18th of the month in your own sign will highlight your first house of persona and image. Shifting Scorpio, you are about to shift your new winter gear in a big way, and you are about to show the world a new you. It will be well accepted by the world.

Get with whomever you call your friends and family to enjoy the holidays while making your happy heart sing with joy.

Savory Sagittarius

Theme song: “Make It Count,” Chief Keef

Mantra: Make it count.

Happy beautifully blessed birthday to all of my November Savory Sagittarius honeys. Sending you special wishes of joy and prosperity throughout your full solar year. May your personal day be filled with lots of pure love and lavish gifts.

November is the month to deal with the things that you have been sweeping under the rug or avoiding due to your twelfth house of hidden and unseen things coming to attention. Savory Sagittarius, you are right at the door of blossoming into that beautiful butterfly. Just remove the last layer of the cocoon, and you are done. Structured Saturn has been in your sign for the last couple of years, and he will be moving out next month to complete the stretching of your butterfly wings for flight. Use these finalizing energies wisely so you can move on to the next stage of life.

Silver Sister Moon will become full on the fourth of the month in your sixth house of health and daily routines. You might realize that you need to get a health concern checked out to stop it from getting out of hand, or you might begin a new position at work.

Use the new moon on the 18th of the month toward your new plans for the new moon cycle that will take place in your twelfth house. I know you are not good at working with emotions because you are more of an action person, but the demand is here.

Enjoy your cool month of November along with family and the holidays, and be well, Savory Sagittarius.

Courageous Capricorn

Theme song: “Go Easy,” Mac Demarco

Mantra: Take it easy.

Greetings, Courageous Capricorn. Did you use October to clear some things out? Saturn will be walking from Sagittarius into your sign next month to hang there for a few years. Stern Saturn will place structure in your life and help you focus on what’s necessary to move up to higher levels of living. Use this month to relax and really focus on how you want your life to go from here.

The fabulous full moon on the fourth of the month will take place in your fifth house of creativity, romance, sports, and children. This full moon will cultivate some emotions for you, like getting your love life started by evenly balancing your work and play. You might finally get serious about a project that you have been holding off on.

What are your big dreams, Courageous Capricorn, and who would you like to connect with to make them happen? Well, the notorious new moon on the 18th of the month in your eleventh house is ripe with the energies for big dreams coming true through the right connections.

Have a terrific Thanksgiving with your loved ones, and get ready for the wonderful winter season!

Abstract Aquarius

Theme song: “Rake It Up,” Yo Gotti

Mantra: Knock it out of the park.

What’s up, my awesome Abstract Aquarius? Did your load become lighter from all the clearing out you did in October? November is the month that really gets the warm holiday family closeness feelings going  because of the planetary line up that’s in the career and home sector of your chart; I will mention more about those houses momentarily. This month will start a shadow period of a Mixed-Up Mercury retrograde—yes, it is that time again, even though it seems like we just left one! Just be prepared for the merging effects on the 14th of the month and be aware of your thoughts and decisions as you get close to that date.

Sister Moon becomes full on the fourth of the month in your fourth house of home and family, which is a perfect time for the holidays. You might be moving house around this time, or making a decision to switch up something regarding your home. This is the month to knock it out of the box, so you might be making a good impression on family whom you may not have seen in awhile, but will now due to the holidays.

Your career and purpose in life will be the center of attention during the New Moon on the 18th of the month in your tenth house of careers. Is it time to move up in your company, or will you be making a decision to start your own business? Silver Sister Moon in her newness is here to support whatever decision you will be making, so go for it and knock it out of the box, awesome Abstract Aquarius!

Get together with all your loved ones and snuggle close together to endure the cooler temperatures with a lot of love, and enjoy your holidays.

Passionate Pisces

Theme song: “The End,” Vivian Girls

Mantra: Close out.

Happy November, my pretty Passionate Pisces family!

Winter Solstice starts next month, along with some other heavy hitters like Mercury going retrograde again and Saturn changing signs. Allow this month to be a completion phase for any lingering projects or events, because we are toward the end of the year and the winter cycle is for hibernation.

You might start feeling some of that Melodramatic Mercury energy on the 14th of the month due to the Mercury retrograde shadow period starting on that day. Watch your thoughts, Passionate Pisces, and try to stay as balanced as you can.

You might be completing a communication project or deciding to tell someone how you really feel during the full moon that will take place in your third house of communication on the fourth of the month. Siblings and neighbors reside in this house, too. If something needs to be said, then let it out without letting your high emotions guide the words. Remember that you have to use caution when it comes to that full moon energy.

The 18th of the month brings in a brand-new moon in your ninth house of higher learning and travel. The new moon will be in Scorpio, which naturally rules the ninth house, anyway. Your ninth house looks like a pot of gold with extra help from the sun, Jupiter, and the new moon, so take that trip or venture off into that thing that you always wanted to learn about.

It’s cold outside, so be warm inside with loving family or friends this month and be well, Passionate Pisces.

Ambitious Aries

Theme song: “Coconut Oil,” Lizzo

Mantra: Take care of the soul.

Did my awesome Ambitious Aries create some new connections last month? Are you ready for the calm, steady flow of November? This month is about going deeper and figuring out what your soul needs. I know my Ambitious Aries are used to dealing with whatever comes up at the moment and don’t usually like to take time to really feel their emotions, but this month will direct you there. Start the work this month, because next month will have too much going on, with Saturn switching back to its original sign of Capricorn and the last Mercury retrograde of the year taking place. We will feel the effects of the retrograde as early as November 14, due to the shadow period starting that day.

The majestic moon becomes full on the fourth of the month in your second house of money and finance. This might make you realize that you have to get a better handle on how you spend your money, or that the direction of the money-flow will not bring favorable returns in business. This full moon will help you get these money matters together early in the month.

Your eighth house of other people’s money and rebirth will delight you with gifts on the 18th of the month from the nice, new, magical moon. Use this new moon to apply for that loan or present that proposal for that large investment that could clear up all the money matters from the full moon phase. All the new seeds that you will sow at this time will have an expansive lasting effect due to help from Jarring Jupiter, Voluptuous Venus, and the Sensational Sun, which will all support the new Silver Sister.

Part of taking care of your soul is using your holiday time this year in a way that will help soothe you, and that comes from spending joyous amounts of time with family and loved ones. Sending you warm wishes during your celebrations.

Tenacious Taurus

Theme song: “Paint A Vulgar Picture,” the Smiths

Mantra: Reevaluate.

Hi, my Tenacious Taurus team. Are you wearing your nice coats now? We’ve made it to November and, man, how time flies—the end of the year is really here. It’s not done yet, though—next month will come in with a bang! December has Saturn moving into the sign of Capricorn for a few years, and we will have our last Mercury retrograde of 2017. I know it seems like the mind-boggling Mercury retrograde comes around too quickly, but it is needed. It forces us to go back and clean up old spills that stop us from moving forward properly. The shadow period for the retrograde begins on November 14, so start becoming aware of your thoughts by then, and we’ll talk more about this in December.

Tenacious Taurus, you are at the halfway mark to another birthday, and if you are not going in the direction you planned, then now is the time to reevaluate. You have six more months to complete all your birthday goals by going through a reevaluation process, and the shadow period of the retrograde will help you.

Your first house of persona—what you show to the world—will be highlighted on the fourth of the month, from the start of the full moon. Tenacious Taurus, are you okay with the image that you put out for others to see, or are you struggling to change that image? Are you comfortable with yourself and accept yourself, no matter what others may perceive of you? At the end of the day, it is all about what satisfies you within.

Silver Sister Moon will be brand-new on November 18 in your seventh house of relationships. This is the time for renewing personal and business relationships and showing appreciation to those to whom you are connected in a romantic atmosphere. Acknowledgment and appreciation go a long way in all relationships. Tenacious Taurus, all your relationships will only get better and deeper from this point on, with Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun joining the new moon.

Relax with family and loved ones for most of this month to replace the daily hustle and bustle with smiles from pure love. Slow time down to make some new holiday memories, Tenacious Taurus.

Galactic Gemini

Theme song: “Look At Those Eyes,” Alexz Johnson

Mantra: Removing old debris.

Greetings, galactic Gemini, and welcome to November. October’s mantra was “easy breezy,” and I hope it was! This month will be on the low-key side, too. Everything will be going down next month as Structured Saturn goes back into Capricorn for a few years and Making-You-Think Mercury goes retrograde, so save your energy for that! Please keep in mind that the shadow period for the retrograde will start on the 14th of this month—be aware of your thoughts and hold off on big decisions. This month is about you clearing the way for new things.

The fullness of Sister Moon on the fourth of the month, in your twelfth house of hidden things and the past, will uncover what you are holding on to. Why are you clinging to things that no longer serve you? Do they make you feel safe, or are you just used to them because you don’t like to change? Only you can answer that, Galactic Gemini. The full moon wants you to do some releasing so you’ll be ready to move ahead with new plans by the new moon cycle.

The new moon touches down on on November 18 in your sixth house of routine and health. Are you going to make a plan to take better care of yourself by putting together a health routine that incorporates your daily activities, or will you be rearranging your work schedule around your personal life so you can make more time for you? You will be well-supported with whatever decision you make at this fertile time of the lunar cycle, due to special help from Expansive Jupiter, Lovely Venus, and the Aggressive Sun.

Keep your mind on all the fun you will be having with family and friends this month, and make your holidays special, Galactic Gemini. Love, laugh, & live!

Caring Cancer

Theme song: “Third Eye,” Kellee Maize

Mantra: Stay centered.

Happy November, Caring Cancer, and welcome to the start of the cozy holiday gatherings with friends and family. I hope you received your harvest in October, because this month is about utilizing those harvested goods. This month, staying centered is about finding the things that keeps you grounded, whether those are family, friends, or daily meditation. We are at the end of the year, so there will be a lot of pushy energy to wrap up things quickly. Don’t get lost in the sauce—just simply do what helps you to stay centered. Stern Saturn will be switching signs next month, and that will mean a lot to all of us, even on a global level. Mercury will be turning around again, too with effects felt as early as its shadow period beginning on November 14. We will touch more on this topic next month.

Your eleventh house of networking and connections is being questioned on the fourth of the month due to the full moon. Have you come to the conclusion that you may need to change your surroundings because the people that are on your team or group are not quite on the same page as you are? It happens—especially in business—so don’t personalize it and do remove the emotions to make the right decision. This planetary shift could take place the other way around, too, and affect your personal side of living. Wherever it is coming from, Sister Moon is bringing it up for completion, so handle it.

The nifty new moon is giving you a lighter approach on the 18th of the month, in your fifth house of romance and creativity. Is it time to let that new boo in? A happy, fulfilling new romance will do more than keep you centered—it will take you straight to the magnificent moon! Watch yourself, Caring Cancer!!

Come together with your loved ones this holiday month to eat and laugh with joy, making new memories for the following years!

Lustrous Leo

Theme song: “Time To Change,” mia

Mantra: Time to change.

Did you make your money right last month, Lustrous Leo? How are you feeling this month? November will help you make some changes in your life around home and your career, focusing on everything that does not feel right to you. December will have a lot of different, mixed-up-all-over-the-place energies going on with Strict Saturn moving back to its original house of Capricorn and Mind-Confusion Mercury going retrograde again. Next month also marks the end of the year for most, so you could be going against the grain with new plans during that time, anyway. Keep in mind that the Mercury retrograde shadow period will start on the 14th of this month.

The familiar full moon will take place on the fourth of the month, in your fourth house of career and life purpose. It’s time to make some changes at work: a promotion, a different position, or possibly a whole career change. The full moon will bring about a necessary change in your work sector.

Use your new moon energies on the 18th of the month to plant those new seeds regarding your family and home life. The new moon falls in your fourth house of home right as we get close to the Thanksgiving holiday for most Americans. Lustrous Leo, are you always the one that plans the holiday dinners and sets up the family activities during this time? If so, then you are going to be the bright superstar of your family due to Joyous Jupiter, Virtuous Venus, and your natural ruler, the Sensational Sun, all helping you shine like a diamond at the same time in that fourth house. Make the month count, Lustrous, and enjoy being the star of the family during your holiday time.

Very Virgo

Theme song: “Complicated,” Avril Lavigne

Mantra: Leniency.

How are you doing, Very Virgos? Are you ready to get your November started calmly? This is the month for you to learn how to surrender and trust that the universe has got your back. You have to deviate from the plan sometimes to find new ways of thinking, which, in turn, can help you create a new plan. You need to learn how to live past the strict routine that you create for yourself in order to function. Remember: Y’all need to learn to let go and shut that mind down for a minute instead of being in your head all of the time. Trust me, you will have enough of being in your head next month with Saturn switching over to Capricorn and Mercury going retrograde again. We will talk more about that in December.

Your ninth house of spirituality will be glowing on the fourth of the month, when Sister Moon is in her full cycle. This will force you to look at aspects of yourself that make you realize you can utilize mystical qualities to help you flow through life easier. It has been something that you have always known, but never trusted until now. The full moon brings high emotions, but it also brings in a completion or a crescendo of things.

Very Virgo, you have Expansive Jupiter, Lady Venus, and the all-powerful sun sitting in your third house, along with the nice new moon on the 18th of the month. What an incredible lineup!

Use all that golden energy for all of your communication needs, and put new goals and plans together in the field of speaking and explaining things. That can coincide with sales, networking, learning, or simply being a motivational speaker. Allow it to help you with your situation, and don’t forget to be lenient with yourself and others during the process.

Lose your diet regimen for the holidays and eat what you want and how you want while being with those that you call family and friends. This holiday month is for joy and laughter with feel-good memories about your loved ones, so get it started and enjoy yourself, Very Virgo!

Leveled Libra

Theme song: “Who You Are,” Jessie J

Mantra: Be true to yourself.

How are my lovely Leveled Libras this month? Have you broken out your new coat for November? November is going to be one of those chilled months that will get you ready for all the rambunctiousness of next month, with Saturn changing signs and closing out the end of the business year altogether. This month will majorly concern what it means to be true to your authentic self.

On the fourth of the month, Silver Sister Moon will become full in your eighth house of security and intangible things. The eighth house rules death, sex, taxes, stocks and other people’s money, to name a few aspects. You might want to ask yourself: How do you view your money and material items? Do you feel that they make or break you as a person? Whether you have a sense of being without the external things is the big question for you, Leveled Libras—something for you to ponder this month while you are focusing on your true self.

Mind your thoughts as you get close to the 14th of the month, because Androgynous Mercury will be in the shadow period of a retrograde again. This will be the last one of the year, and it will go full-fledged in December, so get as much done as you can this month.

We have a numerous new moon in your second house of money on the 18th of the month, Leveled Libra. Y’all about to make some new plans to get that money, right? Whatever you will be doing to generate more income will be supported dearly due to a great lineup of planets right there with the new moon. Do yo thang and make your money right!

May you find your true self this month while mixing with and enjoying family during the holidays. Here’s to authenticity!

Shamir is Shamir and remains Shamir through and through, no matter what the universe puts him through. You may know the singularly named artist (think—Madonna or Cher) from his 2015 debut hit record Rachet, beloved by NPR listeners and club kids alike. After quickly rising to underground fame with his Northtown EP in 2014, the DIY pop star made a sonic splash with Rachet’s lead single “On The Regular,” a poppy banger that had extensive commercial usage. But how to follow all that up? Shamir, who came from the dusty dunes of Las Vegas, to Brooklyn’s Silent Barn, to the Philly indie scene (and all over the world in between), wanted to go back to what had inspired him from the beginning. Outsider music, country & punk. Raw and vulnerable tunes, stripped down to their emotional core. 2017’s Revelations explored a new avenue of guitar driven hooky indie rock and was widely critically praised in the US and overseas.

Shamir’s most recent releases, the brilliant Room 7” on Father/Daughter, and his self-released limited edition album, Resolution, are pinnacles in the catalog of the increasingly fascinating artist’s career. Room and its b-side Caballero celebrate Shamir’s love of country music, while Resolution is a deeply introspective look into the fabric of society and the artists’ own mind.  With these two releases he has refined his craft exponentially and done so in less than six months from the release of Revelations.