Shamir-oscopes: October 2017

This month's predictions and music recommendations from our resident astrologer.

Our most oracular contributor, Shamir Bailey, is brightening all of our fortunes by writing not only our horoscopes, but our astrological theme songs and guiding mantras for each month. Find out what the future holds, and how it sounds, by way of his wisdoms! Special thanks and love to Ameenah “Mama Bailey” Bailey for consulting on this article and helping to guide our paths.
—Amy Rose Spiegel, Editor-in-Chief, Talkhouse Music

Leveled Libra

Theme song: “Vegas,” Sara Barellies

Mantra: Claim your fame.

Do my Libras run this mutha? Hell yeah! What’s up Leveled Libras—are you ready for October? When I think about the month of October, I think of all the Libra babies, so y’all really do run this mutha. Respect!!! This is y’all season!

The twelfth house of hidden things and solitude is very dominant for you at this time, with a little bit of the first house of persona peeking through for you early in the month, birthday babies. Hidden fears need to be worked on to clear all the pathways for your time to shine.

You might be busting out with a new image in some fresh fall gear that people have never seen you wear before, or it could be deeper than image. Your philosophy of of how you view life could be changing, so you may not act in a way that used to satisfy you.

Lovely lady luna will become full on the fifth of the month in the sign of Aggressive Aries, so be mindful of your pushy emotions; try not to be too demanding of others. The new moon on October 19 will find favoritism will be bestowed upon your new plans. This is also a time for reaping all of the hard work that you’ve done throughout the year, beautiful people, so let yourself receive.

Happy fantastically fabulous birthday, my luminous Leveled Libras! I’m sending you an overabundance of authentic joy on your special day, with lasting effects throughout your entire solar year. Have a happening harvest season sprinkled with the warmth of family and home.

Shifting Scorpio

Theme song: “Everything’s Alright,” Kimya Dawson

Mantra: Everything is right.

We have made it to the fall season, Shifting Scorpio, and we no longer have any planetary retrogrades that we have to look out for until the middle of November. With that being said: We have universal permission to show up and show out!!!!! Now is the right time to put out the right stuff to make things right for you. Us Shifting Scorpios are up there with our Libra homies this month for universal favoritism, and our eleventh house of networking with others will connect you with the right people. The eleventh house also holds your big dreams, and this is the season for reaping your rewards.

“Ain’t no joke” Aries will be with the Silver Sister when she becomes full on the fifth of the month, so be cautious of overly aggressive emotions that can come along with that type of combination. In other words: Don’t be going off on nobody just because you have permission to show out this month.

October 19 has the new moon in the sign of Libra to help balance out the wishes that we will be sending to Lady Luna. Remember: Everything is right, so don’t be shy with what you want, because she got your back and your front.

This is always a beautiful, chill time of the year. We are switching the wardrobe to get fly for the fall with new boots and scarves, plus enjoying more indoor activities. Receive your heartfelt harvest season while your little hearts glow with happiness. This is our year to paint the world in our favorite colors, fluorescently, so we will never be missed or ignored again. Here’s to a stupendous, shining solar year of magic for us, with pure love.

Savory Sagittarius

Theme song: “Opportunity,” Cupcakke

Mantra: Enjoy your opulent opportunities.

Savory Sagittarius, your ruling planet, Jupiter, is changing signs this month, and your tenth house of careers has Mars and Venus hooking you up very well. Joyful Jupiter will switch signs on the tenth of the month and go into Scorpio for about a year. This is important for you, because this is one of the biggest planetary transits of the month. It will bring you opulent opportunities, with lots of luck and the expansiveness that only Jupiter can bring. Your career will be taken to the next notch with some righteous recognition. The fall-back fall season won’t be affecting you, Savory Sagittarius.

Temper yourself on the fifth of the month, because Lady Luna will become full in the sign of Aries, who is ruled by Manly Mars. You already know what type of energies a full moon brings—now mingle it with that wild Mars demeanor, and you could have trouble. You can avoid all of this by being aware of yourself for at least 48 hours.

The new moon on October 19 will be looking for all your new intentions that you want to set for yourself. The Silver Sister will be in the sign of Libra to help even things out and make sure you get all that’s due to you, which is plenty this month.

This is the time of the year to relax and enjoy the switching of the weather and the coziness of home with family, but y’all won’t be doing too much relaxing. Savory Sagittarius, you can still enjoy the coziness of home and family in the midst of all your opportunities, but make it a heartsome harvest time, too.

Courageous Capricorn

Theme song: “Bigger Picture,” Gucci Mane

Mantra: See the bigger picture.

How have you been, Courageous Capricorn? Are you ready for the fall season that’s upon us? The earthy, majestic colors of deep orange and natural browns send sensations of warm fashions and a cozy home to me. This is the time of the year to receive what you have been waiting for all year long. You have a lot of personal planets that place popularity on your ninth house of higher learning, travel, and spirituality. Going back to school to study something that you have always wanted may come up, an international travel experience may be presented to you, or an esoteric interest may push you to get into the abstract world of thought. All of your choices should be made by stepping back and looking at the bigger picture before you finalize anything. If you are right on top of something, you are only seeing it from a small perspective, but when you step back some, you can see the whole picture. Use this concept all month long, Courageous Capricorn.

If the fifth of the month attempts to bring you over the top emotions from the ferocious full moon in the sign of Aggressive Aries, stop and see the bigger picture. Ask yourself if the tension is necessary and where it is coming from. As soon as you move away to focus on what’s really going on, it will become irrelevant. Just like that! Let October 19 bring in your new goals and ideas for the New Moon in the sign of Libra for balance and fairness. New Moons are fertile with growth energies that will allow you to receive by the next full moon, and even before then. I send you wishes of a helpful, happy harvest time, Courageous Capricorn.

Abstract Aquarius

Theme song: “Cleaning House,” Vagabon

Mantra: Clear it out.

Awesome Abstract Aquarius, the weather is permitting us to change back into those warm nice scarves and pretty sweaters. This time of the year brings in a more relaxed way of living with more indoor activities, preferably with friends and family. The harvest season is for collecting the completed crops of the year while rejoicing in their splendor. Your eighth house of other people’s money and shared resources is the conversational piece for you. Are you searching for a new loan this month? Will you inherit money from family, or will a family member share their money with you? I would like for you to focus on clearing out old things that are not serving you anymore. Expansion is in your chart, but can’t happen if you are still holding on to old things and ideas.

Stay low on the fifth, when Sister Moon becomes full in the sign of Assertive Aries, a dynamic duo that can cause some trouble if you allow it to. Remember, Abstract Aquarius, you are clearing some things out, so old responses to new things will not work.

Get all perky and happy on October 19 with a lot of high energy to plant your new-moon seeds. I know you have a few wishes and wants that you will like to see by the full moon or before the year is over, so plant it in the ether, baby. You will have a healthful harvest season, Abstract Aquarius, along with a lot of love. Be well.

Passionate Pisces

Theme song: “Rebel Rebel,” Sweet Spirit

Mantra: Repel and resist the ego.

I can’t wait to see what type of new fall attire my creative Passionate Pisces will display this month. You guys rule the illusionary realm, meaning a Passionate Pisces really knows how to bring their mental images into this physical reality. The deep subtle earth tones of the fall season will spark brand-new ideas for you. Your seventh house of relationships will provide you with a significant project that will benefit everyone. This time, it is not just about you and your imagesit’s time to merge with others to create a whole. Rebel against your ego if it doesn’t want to combine your creative talents with others’. It is still about you, my pretty ones, but the universe looks for changes every once in awhile. Use this mantra for any situation that will produce the reaction of being selfishly in your own world this month.

October 5 brings about the full moon in the assertive sign of Aries, carrying strong and emotional energies from their combination. Rebel, repel and resist any type of tensions that may provoke some unnecessary drama; know that it is not real, and it will fade in a day or two. The new moon in Libra on October 19 wants your new plans to be released out in the universe, because this is her most fertile time. The Libra energy will make sure you get what you deserve and want in a fair, just way this moon cycle—and, possibly, throughout the remainder of the year. This is a transitional month due to the warm weather withering away and the cold weather getting ready for its debut. Plus, it is time to reap all the work of the year. Have a happy, harmonious harvest, Passionate Pisces.

Ambitious Aries

Theme song: “Friends Crush,” Friends

Mantra: Link up.

Grand greetings, Ambitious Aries! Time to simmer into the fantastic fall season this month. The cooler weather is here, and your seventh house of relationships will find you chain-linking up with others in all sorts of ways this October. This month, choose the right mate, bring in partners for business purposes, and join forces with the best teams. Make you and your mate’s bond stronger by putting in togetherness-time; don’t take each other for granted. Really investigate the new assistant that you may be bringing in at work to make sure they are of quality. Focus on the needs and wants of the new group that you are going to associate yourself with before you join.

The full moon will be on the fifth of the month in the sign of vigorous Aries. Avoid emotional strife by being aware of the type of energies that may arise on this day. Just pay attention to everything and think before you react, and you will be all good, Ambitious Aries

We don’t have to deal with no personal planets’ retrogrades this month, my hot ones, so get your new plans ready and launch them on October 19, during the “now-you-can” new moon. Sister moon will be showing off her newness in the sign of Libra to balance all those new wishes and link-ups fairly. Ambitious Aries, you will experience a helpful harvest season this month, so lay, relax, and, receive your rewards.

Tenacious Taurus

Theme song: “The Motions,” Dashboard Confessional

Mantra: Go through the motions.

October is here, my tender Tenacious Taurus, and it’s time to receive the fruits of all your hard work. The fall time pushes the summer heat away to welcome the transition into the cooler weather, a chill time for inside activities. Your sixth house of health and daily work regimens is about to find you making it happen in a good way, Tenacious Taurus. You might have figured out what was going on with your health, which is awesome, but now you need to make a lifestyle change that will support your continued needs for healing. Work may have flipped the script on you by changing your usual hours, or you might move to another building closer to your home. The shorter commute will save you more time and money, and this is always a good thing. Tenacious Taurus, you have a lot of pretty planets in this sixth house, so whatever arises this month in this house will be favorable. Go through the motions as best you can, because you will be moving and wiggling around this month to find the right fit.

We got the freaky full moon happening on the fifth of the month in the sign of Assertive Aries. The major Mars energy from Aries and our silver sister’s full-moon emotions can put an explosive cocktail together, so be careful with everything on the fifth and sixth of the month. Please!

October 19 will bring the necessary new moon so you can plant seeds for the next 30 days or more. The new moon will be in the sign of Libra to make sure things are fair, just, and balanced for you, so all will be well during this magnificent time of the year. Go enjoy those beautiful brown and orange hues of the season, and make sure you have a high-spirited harvest!

Galactic Gemini

Theme song: “Easy Easy,” King Krule

Mantra: Keep it easy-breezy.

We got pretty pumpkins, beautifully colored leaves, and perfect weather this month, Galactic Gemini—now all we need is to see how you fit in all of this special splendor. Your fifth house will make you glow like the autumn colors of the season. The fifth house rules creativity in all aspects, including romance and making babies. We tend to stay inside more when the weather gets cooler, but we do inside activities that can warm us up! Wink, wink—y’all know what I’m talking about. Those inside activities can show up in the form of a big belly by the spring, and a new mouth to feed by the summertime. I’m just saying!!!

The full moon will take place on the fifth of the month, and it will be a high-energy time for some, but the grateful Galactic Geminis won’t be affected by it. You guys are low-riding this month in all areas, which is what the fall season is for. You’ve put in your work from the beginning of the year until now, so all you have to do is collect on it.

We still have two more months left in the year, so create some short-terms plans for the remainder. Release them on October 19 while the Numerous New Moon is fertile, as this will guarantee a more productive outcome. I’m sending all my gorgeous Galactic Geminis a harmonious harvest season.

Caring Cancer

Theme song: “Thinning,” Snail Mail

Mantra: Don’t go there.

Caring Cancer, you naturally rule the fourth house of home and this month, your fourth house is in clear focus. We all know that Cancer is an emotional, caring sign that wants and need their homes and family to be secure. The fall season creates more of an indoor home environment, so you may have concerns about adding or taking away from your home. You know the holidays are coming, so you might want to make your home’s appearance more festive, or you could have some unexpected family members moving in. These kind of scenarios can construct a certain amount of anxiety, but you can stay calm. Don’t let the emotions control youyou control the emotions. This is the time of the year to relax and receive from all of your hard work during the year, so don’t allow anyone to ruin it with over-the-top unnecessary drama, family or not.

Really pay attention to your environment on the fifth of the month when sister moon becomes full in the sign of forceful Aries. Aggressive Aries has pushy, demanding energy, and the full moon is emotional, which can strike disagreements, but my Caring Cancers will already know not to go there. Right?

Just like last month, the new moon will fall on October 19. Libra will bring about balance and fairness in all of your new intentions and seeds for this moon cycle. Let yourselves receive and enjoy this time of transition by having a heartwarming harvest season, Caring Cancer.

Lustrous Leo

Theme song: “Say Yes,” Floetry

Mantra: Yes, yes, yes!

Lovely Lustrous Leo, you are about to reap the fruits of your labor with your second house of money and finances sparkling like a star. You have Venus and Mars in this house, which has a forceful pull of beauty on your money, honey! Your third house of communication will get a little attention, too, meaning you need to say what you mean and mean what you say. The fall season is about receiving what you have earned, so you shouldn’t have to go HAM on beginning projects this month—just collect. Yes, you will make that money, and yes, you will say what you mean, and yes, you will receive.

Mars’s energy will be coupled with high emotions from the full moon on the fifth of the month, which means that this moon could be aggressive. Pay attention to all feelings that come up, and don’t let anything provoke you to drama, because this is not the month for that. Just acknowledge all your feelings, then simply let them go, and relax.

I hope you have some new plans and hopes this month to take you out to the end of the year with the help of the nice new moon in Libra on October 19. Lovely Luna will be in the sign of Libra to make sure the scales are balanced for you so you will get what you deserve, and more. I am sending you Lustrous Leos a hopeful, heavenly harvest season, so have fun.

Very Virgo

Theme song: “Watch Me,” Anohni

Mantra: Watch me.

How was your birthday Very Virgo? Did you enjoy your special day? Although it’s over, your first house of persona will have everyone watching you. What you show of yourself to the world is about to be highlighted with charm and charisma, due to Venus sitting in the first house with you. Changing your clothes and your hair is about to make your fall look pop off and turn some heads! Look at you, Very Virgo, trying to take all the attention this month!

The full moon will be on the fifth of the month again, and sister moon will be in the sign of Aries, which is ruled by make-it-happen Mars. His energy is rough and tough, and, paired with full-moon emotions, this time of year can be lit, so please try to be careful, Very Virgo. All of this will be happening in the early part of the month, around all your personal stuff. Don’t be getting conceited, Very Virgowatch yourself!

Your neat new moon will start on October 19, just like last month, and it will help balance all that watch-me energy out because it will be in the sign of Leveled Libra. If that head gets too big, she will check you in a mild matter, so plant your beautiful seeds without discretion. The universe is going to add a little something something to your money around this time too, Very Virgo, hopefully no later than October 25.

Shamir is Shamir and remains Shamir through and through, no matter what the universe puts him through. You may know the singularly named artist (think—Madonna or Cher) from his 2015 debut hit record Rachet, beloved by NPR listeners and club kids alike. After quickly rising to underground fame with his Northtown EP in 2014, the DIY pop star made a sonic splash with Rachet’s lead single “On The Regular,” a poppy banger that had extensive commercial usage. But how to follow all that up? Shamir, who came from the dusty dunes of Las Vegas, to Brooklyn’s Silent Barn, to the Philly indie scene (and all over the world in between), wanted to go back to what had inspired him from the beginning. Outsider music, country & punk. Raw and vulnerable tunes, stripped down to their emotional core. 2017’s Revelations explored a new avenue of guitar driven hooky indie rock and was widely critically praised in the US and overseas.

Shamir’s most recent releases, the brilliant Room 7” on Father/Daughter, and his self-released limited edition album, Resolution, are pinnacles in the catalog of the increasingly fascinating artist’s career. Room and its b-side Caballero celebrate Shamir’s love of country music, while Resolution is a deeply introspective look into the fabric of society and the artists’ own mind.  With these two releases he has refined his craft exponentially and done so in less than six months from the release of Revelations.