Shamir-oscopes: December 2017

This month's predictions and music recommendations from our resident astrologer.

Our most oracular contributor, Shamir Bailey, is brightening all of our fortunes by writing not only our horoscopes, but our astrological theme songs and guiding mantras for each month. Find out what the future holds, and how it sounds, by way of his wisdoms! Special thanks and love to Ameenah “Mama Bailey” Bailey for consulting on this article and helping to guide our paths.
—Amy Rose Spiegel, Editor-in-Chief, Talkhouse Music

Savory Sagittarius

Theme song: “You You You,” Julianne Hough

Mantra: It’s all about you.

Happy spectacularly special Birthday, Savory Sagittarius, with wonderful wishes of dreams coming true all year long for you. Make the day beneficial by doing what you truly desire and will make your heart sing.

Savory Sagittarius, the month of December is all about you, starting with your birthday and the fact that your first house of persona is so active this month, plus Saturn leaving your sign. I had to make your mantra of the month “all about you.” That’s right: Get selfish on they ass!” Savory Sagittarius, the universe is giving you that permission this month, so get it in, my savory ones!

The fruition of the full moon on the third of the month will test one of your relationships, whether personal or in business. Your seventh house of relationships is where the full moon will take place for you, and it will help you change how you view that particular relationship by making it deeper or causing you to step away.

I put the word out last month about Mind-Boggling Mercury going retrograde and, now, it is here in full effect on the fourth of the month in your first house of persona. It’s going to take you back to clean up some things that you may have thought about yourself, like being afraid to take the high road because you felt that you may not fully deserve it yet, or you talking yourself out of a good thing. You might dress or portray yourself one way at work, but totally opposite at home or away from the workplace, and someone from work might run into you at the store. The person might be shocked, but dig your style, and ask you why don’t you reflect this side of yourself at work.

The neat new moon will fall in your sign on the 18th of the month in your first house of persona again, so gather your new seeds for this fertile time of the month. Focus on you, Savory Sagittarius, because remember: This month is all about you. Correlate the Mercury retrograde energies with the new moon to get you right.

On the 20th of the month, Saturn will leave your sign after three years to walk right into your brother’s sign of Capricorn to remain there for a few years. This event will take place in your second house of money, so it will free up some money, which will allow you to generate more income for the next few years. You will have a solid financial outlook to rely upon, and that’s a great thing.

Winter solstice will arrive on the 21st of the month to place its sleeping, hypnotic effect on nature, as it does every year around this time. Take the time to go within to help you roll out next year’s plans correctly. We are still in the holiday mood with good friends and family, so continue to get those good vibes and feelings in. ’Tis the Season, Savory Sagittarius, and I hope you have enjoyed your 2017 year.

Courageous Capricorn

Theme song: “HUMBLE.,” Kendrick Lamar

Mantra: Balance the ego.

Happy super solar return to my December Courageous Capricorn babies! Sending you extraordinary wishes for your beautiful wants and desires to manifest immediately throughout your entire year. Please take the time to really acknowledge yourself separate from the holidays gatherings, as it is easy to cheat yourself out of your full day when you’re mixing it with the season’s celebrations.

A generous greetings to you, Courageous Capricorn, and welcome to December, the last month of the year. It is time to do like nature and be still with hibernating thoughts of getting things ready for spring and the new year. We are still in the holiday season, so continue to relax and enjoy your family and friends, just as you did for November’s holiday events. Your twelfth house of hidden things or the unseen realm is potent for you, along with the first house of persona, this month. This month is about working on your true inner self. Ego is more than “it’s all about me;” it can show up as self-defeat, too, by having you hold onto things that need to be released.

Sister Moon becomes full at the beginning of the month on the third day of December in your sixth house of daily work routine and health. You might finally realize that it might be time to look into another job, or you might establish a workout schedule that will fit into your daily routine.

Mixed-Up Mercury will go into full retrograde status on the fourth of the month, shining the light on your twelfth house of the hidden realm. Remember, retrogrades take you back to clean up old stagnant energies to make things right for you, so you may have some old events that you may not want to come to turns with.

Your twelfth house is still calling your name on the 18th of the month, Courageous Capricorn, when you will meet the nurturing new moon. She will be accepting and help you grow your new seeds of wanting to release past traumas and events that still lurk in the background and unconsciously affect you to this day.

Your ruling planet, Structured Saturn, will move back into your sign on the 20th of the month in the doorway of your first house of persona. What’s real for you and what’s not? What matters to you and what don’t matter to you? Answering these questions will help you to start on the path of balancing the ego and Saturn will assist you in keeping it real for the next few years.

Welcome the winter solstice on the 21st by retreating to your warm abodes and mingling with your loved ones. Send your fancy farewells to the year 2017; I hope it has been a beneficial one for you, Courageous Capricorns!

Abstract Aquarius

Theme song: “Fire and Desires,” Rick James

Mantra: Follow your heart’s desires.

What’s good with my Abstract Aquarians? How did you roll through November? Did you gain some weight from all the holiday food? If so, that’s OK, because it will help keep you warm during the winter months. This month will be peering heavily into your eleventh house of big dreams and desires. Do you know what your desires are? You can find out by being still like the winter season and reflecting on what makes you truly happy and what you want this new year to look like for yourself.

We have the flashy full moon in your fifth house of creativity on the third of the month. Have you come to the decision to add a little one to your family, or is it time to create that new business that has always been a hobby for you?

Communicative Mercury will finally make the retrograde official on the fourth of the month in your eleventh house of network and associations. You thought you might have missed that opportunity to connect with that big client, but the opportunity is back with more of a solid foundation. An old friendship that you were sure was over will re-emerge for you to give it another go around. Y’all know how these mind-altering Mercury retrogrades go, and y’all know they usually come with an element of surprise, too. Don’t forget to follow the rules of not making any final decisions during this time and you will make it out of the retrograde untouched!

On the 18th of the month, the nourishing new moon will fall into your eleventh house of community and network. The eleventh house also holds your big dreams, so use this fertile time to plant those seeds of beautiful desires by sincerely opening up that heart chakra. Truth is in the heart, you know! How can you make your heart melt with joy is a starter question for you, Abstract Aquarius.

Father discipline Saturn will go into its original sign on the 20th of the month in your twelfth house of the unseen realm to help you work on your spiritual side in a structured way that will help you build the internal you, like learning how to control your emotions so they want get the best of you. That’s a vital force to have, Abstract Aquarius.

It’s time for nature to sleep as the winter solstice commences on the 21st of the month, bringing a quiet, much-needed resting phase for us humans, too. The year has completed in a huge way, and 2018 will only magnify things, so hold onto to your hats as the 2017 door closes. I hope it has been a prosperous one for you, Abstract Aquarius.

Passionate Pisces

Theme song: “Big Bang Baby,” Stone Temple Pilots

Mantra: Big bang.

What’s up, my pretty Passionate Pisces? Hope all was well for November and you are ready to end 2017 with a big bang, but in a subtle way. I am speaking more of a metaphysical big bang, so don’t get it twisted for getting crunk. I created this mantra for you because family and career is your main focus this month from the fourth house of home plus the tenth house of career, and you naturally know that family and work can get the best of you. Y’all are gangsters with the master of illusions or being in your own world, so you are going to do what you can to work it out even if you have to go somewhere else in your mind for while.

Your fourth house will be where Sister Moon becomes full on the third of the month, and as I stated above, the fourth house rules family and home. The holidays are here, and this brings in family from all over, so you might have a few family members at your house from Thanksgiving. They could treat it as a home away from home and decide to stay until the beginning of the year, and that’s when you might have to bang on they ass and tell them, “Y’all gotta go!” Let’s keep it real: Full moons bring up emotions and a completion of things. On the other hand, it could mean that you will finally make the decision to spend a few weeks at home with your immediate family as opposed to cramming in that end-of-the-year work.

The next day, the fourth, marks the first day of the meaningful Mercury retrograde that will affect your tenth house of career. Are you happy with the way that your career is going, or is it time for a change? Better yet, are you thinking about going back to what you used to do? Explore all your options, but don’t make any final decisions while in retrograde season with your mind being all mixed up. Just focus right now.

Your career is still waiting on some changes made by the marvelous new moon taking place in your tenth house with the retrograde on the 18th of the month. Use this time to create the new seeds around your career without planting them, because you don’t want to have any regrets.

The disciplinary energy from Structured Saturn is leaving the sign of Sagittarius on the 20th of the month to go into its original sign of Capricorn, and this will happen in your eleventh house of community and associations. You are about to get conscious about who you associate yourself with by realizing that birds of a feather flock together. If your inner circle is not benefiting you all the way around, then you might have to link up with different people to make the right connections for your dreams and goals. It’s just that simple, Passionate Pisces!

The winter solstice commences on the 21th of the month. It’s cold outside, but it’s cozy inside, so amp up those inside activities, which with be natural with the holidays going on, too. Salute and throw up the two fingers to 2017, because this is where it ends, so clear the way for 2018, and happy holidays to you and yours!

Ambitious Aries

Theme song: “Out There,” Blake Babies

Mantra: Make changes.

All right, Ambitious Aries, are you with me for the month of December? Meaning: Did you make it through November? So much will be going on this month. As a matter of fact, the month of December kind of reminds me of you, Ambitious Aries: This month will focus a lot on relating to a higher power from your ninth house of spirituality and how you want to express yourself from your third house of communication. I know Ambitious Aries are swift and always ready to go, but slow down to think before you jump this month.

Lady Luna will reach her climax on the third of the month in your third house of communication. Full moons bring emotions topped with the completion of something. Have you been telling yourself for a while that it’s time to push away from texting and emailing so much because it has been consuming too much of your time? Do Facebook and Instagram have you stuck during the day? Well, Sister Moon has come to save the day.

The releasing retrograde of Meaningful Mercury will go full-fledged on the fourth of the month in your ninth house of spirituality, travel, and higher learning. Remember that retrogrades take us back in order to give us a chance to correct or close out a situation. Are you going to pick up new belief systems that you have always been interested in? Maybe you have decided to go back to school for the new year, or will finally book that trip to your desired destination that you have been putting off time and time again.

Whatever conclusion you come to in your ninth house regarding the Mercury retrograde, your plans will be ready to move forward on the 18th of the month. The nurturing new moon will see it through by growing it right.

Father figure Saturn will leave Sagittarius on the 20th of the month to go home to his sign of Capricorn in your tenth house of careers. Have you been thinking about a career change? The changes that you will do for and around your career will be very structured, plus you will take your time with it to make sure you receive the best results. It will turn out to be long-standing and equal to amazing, Ambitious Aries.

The shortest day of the year will commence the Winter Solstice on the 21st of the month, and just maybe, some of you will receive snow. Chill with whomever you consider family and be like nature by shutting down from the everyday workload. Send the worries of the day along with any anxieties into hibernation mode while you have the best time of your life. Here’s to an astonishing 2018, because we did it hard in the paint in 2017. Deuces, Ambitious Aries!!

Tenacious Taurus

Theme song: “Steady As She Goes,” The Raconteurs

Mantra: Steady as you go.

Whatcha know about 2018, Tenacious Taurus? I know that you should use this month to get ready for it, because 2017 is just about over. It was a wild year, right? December is one of those months that should be quiet and still, but it never really is, due to the holidays and the end of the year. Keep yourself grounded in the midst of all the action.

Money that you have been waiting on will finally arrive around the third of the month when Sister Moon becomes full in your second house of finance. You will hear news of a bonus, or possibly added income that will bring extra security to your family and home life.

Communicative Mercury will back it up and turn around on the fourth of the month in your eighth house of other’s people money and rebirth. A Mercury retrograde in this house will bring up old thoughts about taking out that loan, investing money, or insurance policies. This last retrograde of the year might push you to change the way you look at life, which could force a rebirth for you, Tenacious Taurus.

This nice new moon on the 18th of the month will support your Mercury Retrograde decisions from the eighth house matters. Keep your choices steady and move forward without wavering.

On the 20th of the month, Secured Saturn will leave Sagittarius to go back to its original sign of Capricorn in your ninth house of spirituality and travel. Saturn energies last long and build steadily over time. If you walk into a new form of spirituality, then you will definitely stick with it over the years, and it will change you in a beneficial way. Maybe you’ll start traveling foreign places to learn about other cultures and ways of living.

The 21st of the month brings on the winter solstice; it’s time for nature to rest so she can recharge her energies. Welcome in the hibernating mode of nature and allow aspects of yourself to die down, too. Keep your loved ones close during this holiday season, do only what truly matters to you, and keep it steady as you go. Make it a lovely 2018, Tenacious Taurus.

Galactic Gemini

Theme song: “Me, Myself, and I,” Beyoncé

Mantra: Me, myself, and I.

Greetings, my Galactic Gemini gangster; the end of the year is here, so I hope you have done the damn thang for 2017 and are ready to twerk 2018 in! Your first house of persona, or what you show the world, and your seventh house of relationships are hot for you this month. December is all about you and how you relate to others. Your personal theme statement for the month of December is: I know me very well, so I know what would make myself happy.

Lady Luna becomes full on the third of the month in your first house of persona. This could amplify a final choice about showing the world a different side of you in the form of a new hair do or a full makeover. You might make a decision to kick everybody to the curb to focus on how you want to bring in 2018 without any outside distractions.

On the fourth of the month, Making-You-Think Mercury will commence its final retrograde of the year in your seventh house of relationships, but its shadow period has been lurking since the 13th of November. You might be analyzing some old questionable relationships to see if they are even worth holding on to, or you might rekindle one that never had proper closure. Mercury is your ruler, Galactic Gemini, so this energy will be very intense for you. You’ll see how it will all play out and the universe will make sure you get it right to make it tight.

You will have nourishment from the new moon on the 18th of the month in your seventh house of relationships to help you plant those new seeds of change. Whatever new goals or plans that you create during this time is a reaction from the retrograde energy, so make sure you’re sure.

Strict Saturn will move into its true sign of Capricorn on the 20th of the month in your eighth house of death, taxes, and rebirth. Saturn’s energy will coach you while you tackle your inner fears one at a time and the outcome of this will be a new you, aka rebirth.

The winter solstice comes in on the 21st of the month so you can begin showing off your coat and boot game. Aside from you, your loved ones come first, so spend this holiday time the right way by making all joyful memories and hibernating from the daily grind. I send you pure wishes for a sensational 2018, Galactic Gemini family.

Caring Cancer

Theme song: “Facing Up,” Kate Voegele

Mantra: Face it.

I see you, Caring Cancer. How did your November go? Are you ready for the end of the year? We have a lot going on for the last month of the year. Caring Cancer, have you been too busy to fit in your me time? Are you focusing on to whom and how you are giving your energy, too? I think it is time to face the fact that this month is about you enjoying you again.

The full moon’s energy will shake you up on the third of the month in your twelfth house of the hidden and unseen realm. What a perfect time to let go of all these outside activities other than the ones purely necessary for focusing on yourself. Sister Moon will be like, “Do you, boo” and you should listen to her!

The last meaningful Mercury retrograde of the year will take place on the fourth of the month in your sixth house of health and daily work routine. This restorative retrograde will push you to reflect on your daily work schedule. Do you feel like your job is meaningful, or are you looking for a position that services others in a genuine way? Is it time to adjust your life around your health? Maybe join a gym or put an exercise routine together that would benefit you.

A lovely new moon on the 18th of the month will support whatever decision you make about your sixth house retrograde changes because it will take place in the sixth house, too. Will you make the decision to change your job position? You may have made up your mind by now about the type of workout plan for your health, and maybe you will add a balanced diet to it, too.

Strict Saturn, the one who brings us our biggest lessons in life, will go back to its birth sign of Capricorn on the 20th of the month in your seventh house of relationships. The type of relationships that you will form now and until 2020 will be a slow structured process, but they will be of substance. These are the ones that will last because they will be deep and true.

Caring Cancer, how’s your coat game, family? Because now is the time to utilize it, especially on the 21st of the month when the winter solstice takes place. This will be the shortest day of the year, plus this is when nature takes her nap, and we should allow our minds to do the same. At least for the month of December, right?

My caring ones, I hope 2017 was useful for you in so many ways, and I send you wishes for a joyful 2018. Many blessings!

Lustrous Leo

Theme song: “This Is How We Do It,” Montell Jordan

Mantra: This is how we do it.

Hey, my party people! Did the bulk of you in America eat well for the festive holiday season that’s still going on this month, too? I know I did without any regrets, and that’s how you all should feel about the holiday feasting, too. Your eleventh house of networking and community and your fifth house of creativity is the big subject for December, Lustrous Leo. You naturally rule the fifth house of creativity, so this will give you a golden opportunity to show off some of your creative skills. Show all the other signs how you do it. Only a Lustrous Leo can show out for the end of the year.

Silver Sister Moon will become full on the third of the month in your eleventh house of networking and community plus big dreams. Full moons are a crescendo, so will you finally make that business connection that will put you in higher group which will make your dream come true? Maybe you have decided to finally join that new organization that you have been considering.

The very next day, on the fourth of the month, Twisted Mercury will begin its retrograde cycle in your fifth house of creativity and fun. I can’t believe I am asking a Lustrous Leo this, but are you not having enough fun? The daily hustle and bustle of living can make you forget how fun you really are. This retrograde is here to help you remember not to get lost again, because y’all know how to do it! Another possibility is that you might pick up that creative project that you never followed through on.

This nice new moon in your fifth house on the 18th of the month will have you further out your goals from the decision that you made from the rational retrograde. Get the seeds ready, but don’t plant just yet, or at least until the retrograde is over to make sure you won’t regret anything, like putting that creative project back on the shelf. Lustrous Leo, you have Vivacious Venus in this fifth house, too, so you might be finding a new love.

Your sixth house of health and daily routine will be affected by Stern Saturn moving back to its ownership sign of Capricorn on the 20th of the month. Have you been ignoring your health, Lustrous Leo, and now you have made the decision to be on top of it? Well, whatever you start now regarding your health will last for a few years, and you really will be putting in the time that’s needed.

Winter will arrive on the 21st of the month due to the winter solstice that’s here to shut some things down in nature and in us, too.

Have your 2017 show-out moments while cracking the bottle open for 2018’s grand entrance, Lustrous Leo. Happy holidays!

Very Virgo

Theme song: “Goodnight and Goodbye,” Jonas Brothers

Mantra: Hold on and move on.

Greetings, my vibrant Very Virgo family, are you ready for a dedicated December? This month will be interesting for you, Very Virgo, due to your ruling planet of Mercury going retrograde plus all the other end of the year scenarios. Make sure you keep that mind right in the midst of everything while keeping it moving and not being stuck like Chuck! Your tenth house of career and your fourth house of home will have you trying to find the balance between both, but you will figure it out.

On the third of the month, the fun full moon will bring up changes in your tenth house of career. You might decide to finally put yourself out there to pick up more business, because you are realizing that something has to change. Very Virgo, you might change the direction of your career with a little tweak here or there to make it more efficient

Your ruling planet, androgynous Mercury, will go into its final retrograde of the year on the fourth of the month in your fourth house of family and home. This retrograde is bringing you back to matters of the home. You may have been worrying about the security of your family by way of making a career decision to be an independent contractor. This means no more guaranteed hourly pay or regular checks; you will have to really hustle for your income.

The nurturing new moon will bring its fertile energy on the 18th of the month in your fourth house of home and family again. Use this day to really structure your work plan by putting something in a safe spot for those slow months of business so your family’s security won’t even be a question.

Disciplined Saturn will go back into its native sign of Capricorn on the 20th of the month in your fifth house of creativity. Whatever you create now, you will take your time with it to make sure it is organized so it can build up in an expansive way over time. My intuition is bringing me back to your career and work sector, Very Virgo, with connections to finding the balance with the home and family life.

Winter will commence on the 21st of the month, when the winter solstice takes place. Be like nature and go along with the winter phase by shutting down the fall season. Eat all that good food that comes along with this holiday season, spend all that good time around family and friends and my last suggestion to you, Very Virgo, is to laugh, live, and love! We did 2017, and now we are about to rock 2018 like a fresh new hairdo!

Leveled Libra

Theme song: “Concentration,” French Montana

Mantra: Intense concentration.

What’s good with it, lovely Leveled Libra babies? Can you believe that it is really the end of the year? Man, where did the time go, and how does it slip through our fingers so quick? This is the last month to get ready for 2018, so clear and wrap up old stuff now by being focused on what matters. Let the frivolous crap go, Leveled Libra, even in your mind-space.

Your ninth house of travel and spirituality will be finalizing an event or thoughts on the third of the month from the fullness of the Mighty Moon. Are you planning to take that winter vacation abroad to study new cultures and other ways of living? Will this experience bring you confirmation that you are on the correct spiritual path?

The majestic Mercury retrograde will take place in your third house of communication on the fourth of the month. I know retrogrades are looked at as a curse, but really they are a blessing, because they help us clear things up so we can move forward appropriately. Will you be expressing yourself in a way that you have always dreamed of, or will you finally write that book? Now, this house rules siblings and neighbors, too. Will you tell your brother or sister how you really feel, or finally tell the loud neighbors to chill out?

A plan to launch a new communicative style for speaking or writing is being requested on the 18th of the month from the fertile energy of the new moon still in your third house of communication. Use this time to create that style now, but don’t put it into motion as of yet.

We need to take a lesson from Father Time and stop waiting on others, because they can hold you back. Speaking of, Father Time as represented by Structured Saturn will be moving back into its original sign of Capricorn on the 20th of the month in your fourth house of family and home. Whatever takes place that’s associated with your home and family will stick around for a while, and you will take your time on it to make sure it is quality. That’s how Saturn rolls, y’all!

It’s hibernation time for Mother Earth, and we should mimic her by shutting down things down on the 21st, which is the start of the winter solstice. The holiday time is here to support that shut down and enhance relaxation with joy. Get with all the ones you love and make the time count.

Enjoy the rest of 2017 and have an outstanding 2018, Leveled Libras.

Shifting Scorpio

Theme song: “Forget,” Marina and the Diamonds

Mantra: You forgot.

Super Shifting Scorpio, how did November go for you? November belonged to you, so I hope you felt paramount all month long. December can do a polarity spin on you by having you question yourself. Questions like, “Damn, what’s next?” and “Am I really going to get what I want?” You forgot how amazing you can be, so your eighth house of rebirth, which is your natural house, and your second house of money will help you remember what you have forgotten about yourself to activate your true path toward the real you.

The first glimpse of the eighth house will be as early as the third of the month from the fullness of Sister Moon. Are you dealing with some small fears about your future which can affect your self esteem or stressing about your joint assists? Relax, and know that everything will flow in the right direction without the extra anxiety stuff.

The Mercury retrograde will have you looking over your money the very next day on the fourth of the month in your second house of finance. Go back and make sure that everyone who owes you money has paid their debt. To all the ones that haven’t paid you your money, you need to channel Stewie from Family Guy and be like, “Where’s my money!”  You might decide to put your money to work for you in a way that you have only pondered on in the past. Little Luna Mommy will be in brand new status on the 18th of the month in your second house of money. She wants to help you grow your money in a way that will work for you while satisfying others all at the same time.

Time and structure will be apparent in your third house of communication from the Big Homie Saturn walking into its true sign of Capricorn on the 20th of the month. Saturn represents strategically putting things in motion while using the proper execution and time. You might get a new gig that may last for a few years or you might start to change the way you communicate with others.

The wonderful winter solstice will arrive on the 21st, which marks the shortest day of the year, so get out early to catch a little of the daylight. December is the holiday month, with lots of festive events taking place all over, especially with family and loved ones. Immerse yourself in the events as a way to create a hibernating effect from the hustle and bustle of your daily work schedule.

Shifting Scorpio, you made it through the year with all the unexpected occurrences and you are still shining, so you must never forget who you are and what you can do. Here’s to 2018, because it will be like no other. Cheers!

Shamir is Shamir and remains Shamir through and through, no matter what the universe puts him through. You may know the singularly named artist (think—Madonna or Cher) from his 2015 debut hit record Rachet, beloved by NPR listeners and club kids alike. After quickly rising to underground fame with his Northtown EP in 2014, the DIY pop star made a sonic splash with Rachet’s lead single “On The Regular,” a poppy banger that had extensive commercial usage. But how to follow all that up? Shamir, who came from the dusty dunes of Las Vegas, to Brooklyn’s Silent Barn, to the Philly indie scene (and all over the world in between), wanted to go back to what had inspired him from the beginning. Outsider music, country & punk. Raw and vulnerable tunes, stripped down to their emotional core. 2017’s Revelations explored a new avenue of guitar driven hooky indie rock and was widely critically praised in the US and overseas.

Shamir’s most recent releases, the brilliant Room 7” on Father/Daughter, and his self-released limited edition album, Resolution, are pinnacles in the catalog of the increasingly fascinating artist’s career. Room and its b-side Caballero celebrate Shamir’s love of country music, while Resolution is a deeply introspective look into the fabric of society and the artists’ own mind.  With these two releases he has refined his craft exponentially and done so in less than six months from the release of Revelations.