Sarah Pirozek

Writer-director-producer Sarah Pirozek is an award-winning filmmaker with a fine arts background. Her debut narrative feature, #Like, a feminist thriller that explores cyberstalking and feminine revenge, is on VOD from January 26. She has directed TV commercials, music videos, broadcast TV and Web content for the Sundance Channel, MTV, VH1, PBS, HBO, Nat Geo, AMC, Discovery Channel, BBC and Channel Four. Other projects include producing the ground-breaking indie feature and trans love story Flora, directing the theatrically distributed feature documentary Free Tibet, made with the Beastie Boys. Pirozek has worked with talent as disparate as Björk, Billy Crudup, Bokeem Woodbine, the White Stripes, A Tribe Called Quest, Lance Accord, Queen Latifah and Spike Jonze. She has four other projects in development, three features and one series. (Photo by Grace Roselli.)


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The Hustle Never Ends

By Sarah Pirozek | January 26, 2021

The Hustle Never Ends

Sarah Pirozek charts her journey from making '90s hip-hop videos through to directing her first narrative feature, #Like, which is out now.