Maureen Bharoocha

Make cool shit. That’s director Maureen Bharoocha’s unabashedly amazing attitude as a director living in Hollywood. Her latest film, the female arm-wrestling road-trip comedy Golden Arm, is out April 30 through Utopia. Her two previous features, I Am Watching You and Fatal Flip, recently aired on Lifetime, and her acclaimed short Hairpin Bender premiered at the 2017 Santa Barbara Film Festival. A former director at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she’s worked with Jennifer Lawrence, Kit Harington, Alison Brie, Kerry Washington, Tilda Swinton, Isla Fisher and Weird Al Yankovic, to name just a few. She has her MFA in film production from Boston University and is repped at CAA. She makes a lot of cool shit!


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From Cupcakes to Kimmel, Movies and Beyond!

By Maureen Bharoocha | April 28, 2021

From Cupcakes to Kimmel, Movies and Beyond!

Maureen Bharoocha, whose new film Golden Arm is out Friday, traces her unlikely and eventful journey to the director's chair.