Brian Fennell

Brian Fennell is a self-taught producer, programmer and engineer as well as guitarist, percussionist and classically trained pianist with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. SYML, Welsh for “simple” and pronounced “sim-muhl,” is Fennell’s solo project after departing from the Seattle indie-rock band Barcelona, which he started shortly after college and toured with for over a decade. He shared his self-titled debut in 2019 with the now Platinum-certified single “Where’s My Love” and the wordless EP You Knew It Was Me in November 2020. His new EP DIM is out now.


My new EP, Ancient Call, is out today! A collection of remix collaborations we put together over the past year. Let…

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On Grieving Someone Before They’re Gone

By Brian Fennell | April 28, 2021

On Grieving Someone Before They’re Gone

SYML’s new EP is a toast to his father and the cyclical nature of life.