Mark Arm

Mark Arm has been at the sardonic heart of Seattle’s music scene ever since forming Green River in 1984, a band that—as with Mudhoney, the group that rose from Green River’s ashes—is widely regarded as a pioneering the “grunge” sound that dominated culture for most of the ’90s. But Mudhoney has long transcended such passing fads: Its tenth album, Digital Garbage, arrived Sept. 28, offering another furious blast of timelessly sharp, skuzzy garage-punk that affirms why it’s survived while so many contemporaries imploded. Mudhoney embarks this November for a 19-date European tour, for which Arm will have to take some time off from running the warehouse at Sub Pop, the label he helped to build.


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Revisited: Mark Arm’s Gig Economy

By Mark Arm | January 4, 2019

Revisited: Mark Arm’s Gig Economy

In which Mark Arm talks pulling double duty for Sub Pop.

Gig Economy: Mark Arm

By Mark Arm | October 18, 2018

Gig Economy: Mark Arm

The Mudhoney frontman talks pulling double duty for Sub Pop.