Roundelay is LAKE’s most cohesive, adventurous, and fully realized record to date with their own brand of sophisti-pop. It is rich, layered, developed, and at times, avant-garde. Odd time-signatures reign without being too mathy, and sprinkles of horn arrangements, grand piano, and pedal steel put the elevator in the new genre they dub from this moment forward, elevator punk.

To summarize the record, “LAKE got heavy!” was exuberantly yelled at a recent gig in their hometown on Whidbey Island, WA. The band agrees their once lighter sound has drifted into a realm where they feel comfortable calling themselves “rock.”

LAKE formed 14 years ago in Olympia, WA. Their song “Christmas Island” is the ending credits theme in popular Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time. Over the years, LAKE has collaborated with Northwest native Karl Blau extensively in the studio and on the road as his back-up band. They released records for historic indie label K (Beat Happening, the Microphones) for 6 years before jumping to German pop and experimental label Tapete/Bureau B for their latest release Forever or Never (2017). In 2020 LAKE is releasing their new album Roundelay with Seattle label OFF TEMPO. They are touring in February with Pinegrove in US and Japan in March and are planning more touring for Fall 2020.


Introducing: LAKE’s “Resolution”

By LAKE | March 6, 2020

Introducing: LAKE’s “Resolution”

The band, best known for an Adventure Time song, on a new track from their upcoming Roundelay.