Good Fuck

Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse have consummated their love on disc. The result is Good Fuck, an erotic exploration of experimental literary techniques and adventurous electronic beats.


There’s audible chemistry in Good Fuck’s sound; Kinsella’s extensive history in genre-pushing rock and roll (Joan of Arc, Cap’n Jazz) is strikingly complimented by Pulse’s fresh ear for minimalist electro sounds. The album’s eerie synth soundscapes and chanted vocals flow effortlessly from track to track. The music of Good Fuck melds the sensual with the cryptic, the erotic with the esoteric. Good Fuck reminds us that experimental music doesn’t necessarily need to be caustic or harsh, it can exist comfortably in the groove of a seductive electronic beat.

(Photo Credit: Evan Jenkins)


Introducing: Good Fuck’s “Jenny Dreams of Pies”

By Good Fuck | January 25, 2019

Introducing: Good Fuck’s “Jenny Dreams of Pies”

A track premiere from Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse’s new group, plus an essay from the road by Tim.