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bad tuner, or Jozef Sergei Dimitrov, was born an orphan in Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. At age 12 he was adopted by a young Russian couple and moved to Moscow where he was an apprentice in a radio repair shop. His interest in AM and FM radio transmission led him to write his first recordings at age 16. A few years later he was under investigation by the Russian police for incorporating confidential radio communications into his all night DJ sets.

In 2016 Dimitrov renounced his Russian citizenship and moved to the United States. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY studying acoustic theory and time harmonic equations under renowned audio scientist, Agathe Alt.


What a weekend on 16mm

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A Guide To Bad Tuner’s Operational Interference

By bad tuner | February 28, 2020

A Guide To Bad Tuner’s Operational Interference

An incredible new fusion of field recordings, news reporting, and music.