Azam Ali

Internationally beloved singer-songwriter/producer/electronic musician Azam Ali’s award-winning career has been defined by boldly defying genres and commercial expectations to heed her creative instincts. In keeping with this fearless spirit, her latest opus Phantoms, is a masterstroke of artistic wholeness and focus. The darkly alluring record is Azam’s first self-produced entirely English language album that melds Azam’s other-worldly, cinematic musicality with gorgeously heartbreaking gloomy electro-pop, adding a whole new dimension to an unconventional artist who has always eluded categorization.

Responsible for every facet of Phantoms from songwriting, singing, programming, to production, Azam Ali pushes through the glass ceiling and enters the largely male dominated tech world to join in the ranks of other visionary female electronic musicians and producers who are shifting and shaping the landscape of electronic music.


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The Sacred Microcosm of the Cocteau Twins

By Azam Ali | May 17, 2019

The Sacred Microcosm of the Cocteau Twins

Azam Ali pays tribute to the "ethereal legends."