Andrew Bujalski

Andrew Bujalski has written and directed the films Funny Ha Ha, Mutual Appreciation, Beeswax, Results, which have appeared on New York Times critics’ “Top Ten of the Year” lists, as well as Computer Chess. A.O. Scott also voted Funny Ha Ha one of the Ten Most Influential Films of the ’00s. Between projects, Andrew has also worked as a screenwriter-for-hire and a teacher of film production at Boston University and the University of Texas. The Boston Globe describes him as “unerringly polite and somewhat disheveled.”


Andrew Bujalski (Results) Talks Pete Docter’s Inside Out

By Andrew Bujalski | January 11, 2016

Andrew Bujalski (Results) Talks Pete Docter’s Inside Out

The even-keeled (and unerringly polite) writer-director finally surrenders himself to Pixar and dives into a world of emotions.