Alyse Lamb

You can usually hear Alyse Lamb’s voice cutting through crashing waves of feedback as frontlady for the noise trio EULA. Other times, you can hear her guitar being warped and reshaped as part of the experimental duo Parlor Walls. She is also co-founder of Famous Swords, a Brooklyn-based art collective. Alyse has a degree in classical composition, and has put it to use by making numerous fashionable leotards. EULA releases its second album Wool Sucking on March 3, 2015, on Famous Swords Collective. You can follow her on Twitter here.


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Eula or EULA is the name of more than one artist. 1) idie pop 2) goa trance 1) EULA (Connecticut natives Alyse Lamb, Jeff Maleri and Nathan Rose) looks like a beauty but sounds like a beast. Packed with ferocious guitars, gnarrrly bass and pounding drums, this Brooklyn trio's live shows are notoriously energetic, while frontwoman Alyse Lamb's soaring vocal melodies and chaotic guitar playing is a style all her own (she used a can of Tecate as a guitar slide while opening for Mission of Burma). EULA released their debut LP Maurice Narcisse in April of 2011, garnering rave reviews from home and abroad. As stated by QRO Magazine: "This is the sort of rock ‘n’ roll kamikaze that you expect to hear at your local VFW hall, rubbing shoulders with sweaty straight edge kids sporting Crass iron-ons. In the heavier numbers lead songstress Alyse attacks her vocals like a K9 cop on Martin Lawrence. Gnashing jaws, chord-progressions, fight song fever." EULA plans to tour extensively and will release an EP (their third) in Spring of 2012. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.


Alyse Lamb (EULA, Parlor Walls) Talks Lydia Lunch, Cypress Grove & Spiritual Front’s Twin Horses

By Alyse Lamb | February 20, 2015

Alyse Lamb (EULA, Parlor Walls) Talks Lydia Lunch, Cypress Grove & Spiritual Front’s Twin Horses

The legendary No Waver's fierce individuality works surprisingly well with some unlikely collaborators.