Three Great Things: Potty Mouth

The LA-via-Massachusetts rock band on the three things they’ve been digging most lately.

In Three Great Things, we ask our favorites musicians, filmmakers, and more to tell us about three things that are making their life better at the moment. To celebrate the release of their new compilation Sunday, Someday, the Los Angeles-via-Massachusetts band tells us what they’ve been digging lately.
— Annie Fell, Talkhouse Senior Editor

1. A cancelled tour Zoom group

The thing I picked is this Zoom group that Ally and I have been doing every Sunday since April. When the pandemic happened, we had all these tours that were cancelled, and one of them was our first tour to the UK. Out of that, we and the members of the bands that we were going to tour with — KOJI, Nervus, Solstice Rey, and Full On Mone’t — decided to do a Zoom together and just talk about what the hell was gonna go on with this tour. We just had such a fun time talking that we started doing it every Sunday. People hop on and hop off, and sometimes we watch movies. 

It’s been really fun and interesting, because it feels like we’ve made these real friends just through video calls. Eventually, we were just like, “Why don’t we put out a compilation record with all of us?” Koji is a solo artist who has a live band with a bunch of people, and even within that there are two separate solo artists, so we decided to put together songs from all of the musicians in the group, whoever wanted to contribute. We’re putting out this record as a way to be like a mutual aid for the group, and whenever we decide to tour, we’ll have this money to be able to make it happen. It’ll be awesome, because we’ve all become such good friends but we haven’t even met in person. 

— Abby Weems

2. Latch-hooking

The thing that’s been bringing me a lot of joy recently is latch-hooking — basically, the craft where you use yarn and hook it through a canvas and make a little rug or tapestry out of it. I got into it sort of randomly. I lived with Colleen Green for a few months during the pandemic, and she had this amazing vintage latch-hook tapestry hanging in the house, and I always looked at it like, I wanna make something like that! Just through researching how to start, I found this artist on Esty who has a business called Bobcat and Birdie, and she sells latch-hooking kits for anyone who wants to get started. They’re really cool, because she includes a zine that she made on how-to latch-hook, a latch-hooking tool, a yarn-cutting guide, and a pattern that you can use. It’s awesome, because traditionally in latch-hooking kits they’ll provide pre-cut yarn for you, but with her kit you bring your own yarn — she calls it BYOY — so you can pick out all your own colors. 

I just find the whole craft to be really meditative and relaxing. It’s something that I do a little bit every day, and I can do it while I’m watching TV or on the Zoom group or just hanging out by myself. It’s really nice to have this craft that I’m working on that is truly just for me. I just love it. It’s provided me with a lot of joy during a time of greater isolation. I finished one piece and I’m working on another now. I made a flower design, a pattern I got through the kit, and the one I’m working on now is a landscape design where it’s a rainbow over some mountains and a lake with trees. I think the next thing I wanna work on is smaller pieces that are just pieces of fruit — some cherries or bananas or something like that. I’m excited because I have all these ideas for new things I wanna try. 

— Ally Einbinder

3. A miniature poodle named Ruben


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My thing is a miniature poodle that I just got almost two months ago. His name is Ruby, or Ruben, and it’s been great. He’s the first dog I’ve had as an adult, who’s only my dog and not like a family dog. He’s four months old. It’s been really nice — it’s given me a lot more structure, and he’s gotten all his shots so he’s able to go on walks now. He’s just great. 

It was weird, because I felt sort of depressed right after I got him — I was talking to my friend, and she was like, “That’s what happens to pregnant women after they give birth, getting depressed postpartum.” It was just hitting me. My life hasn’t changed that much, but it was an adjustment. But now he’s just great and I love him, so I don’t feel sad anymore. 

— Victoria Mandanas

Potty Mouth is a pop-rock band from Massachusetts now living in LA.