The Way We Get By: Bethlehem Steel’s Becca Ryskalczyk Has Been Doing Yoga With Adriene

The singer/guitarist just wants to not lose her damn mind.

I’ve been doing Yoga With Adriene for a couple years. I used to go to Yoga To The People, but I just didn’t have enough money to keep going. So, I kept trying different online yoga instructors, but I kind of just hated everyone. I guess it’s not fair to say I hate them, but a lot of people doing work out or yoga tutorials are very righteous. 

I don’t remember if I stumbled on Yoga With Adriene, or if someone recommended her to me, but it’s amazing. She’s just funny, and it’s easy. It’s all levels — I’m not a very active person at all and it’s hard to get me to work out. She’s constantly making fun of herself in a good way, and crackin’ jokes — sometimes dirty jokes, but appropriate. It’s lighthearted. 

It’s on YouTube and it’s all free. She puts episodes out every couple weeks I think, but she also does 30-day challenges. They’re usually around 20 minutes when she does those, so they’re super easy to commit to. Or she’ll have some that you can do for an hour, or some that are 10 minutes. I’ve done one of the 30-day challenges and I was trying to do another one, but I’m incredibly accident-prone and ended up falling — not while doing yoga, but just separately at work — and really messed up my ankle, so I had to stop. But now I’m better and getting back into it again. 

I try to do it as many times a week as I can. You can choose any time frame, so it’s super easy. I’m mostly doing the calming ones right now. I just want to not lose my damn mind.

The coronavirus has hit many people financially, and it’s been especially tough on musicians who rely on touring to support themselves. If you’re able and inclined, check out Bethlehem Steel’s Bandcamp and order a T-shirt, some vinyl, or whatever they’ve got on offer. Every little bit helps.

Becca Ryskalczyk is the singer and guitarist of the Brooklyn-based band Bethlehem Steel. Their latest, self-titled album was released in 2019 via Exploding In Sound Records.