Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Finding the Flow With Suuns

"Pulsing, meticulous" music, plus the inspiration for the band's new song, “X-Alt.”

Canadian band Suuns released Felt, their first album since 2016, today. To celebrate, guitarist Joe Yarmush created this eclectic mix of songs about “vessels.” In his own words, it’s “music that pulses through the people who made it. All these songs sound meticulous, as if the music just presented itself to the artist.”
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Buckethead ft. Viggo Mortensen — “Sunrise”
Great song featured in the film Jauja. Viggo and Buckethead. They’ve collaborated on more than 11 albums. Discuss that at tonight’s party.

Fleetwood Mac — “Albatross”
Amazingly simple, amazingly played.

Frank Zappa — “Black Napkins”
Not sure of the backstory here, but the video is Zappa with orchestrated music playing, unseen. Just a master class on guitar, both technically and emotionally.

My Bloody Valentine — “Sometimes”
I just love this song. No drums. Distorted acoustic guitars and nonsensical lyrics. Great.

Cocteau Twins — “Pitch the Baby”
Speaking of nonsensical lyrics… Different than the original album version. Very different. I like this one better. It’s more fluid and bracing.

The Cure — “Jumping Someone Else’s Train/Another Journey”
A classic Cure track mixed with another. Live, they are something else. A huge inspiration.

Pang Attack — “Mr. Mandible”
Underrated Montreal band Pang Attack. A pulsing, driving song. Melody-driven psych-freak music.

Ron Morelli — “Modern Paranoia”
Electro zone-out. Cool hi-hat sound. The inspiration for our new song “X-Alt.”

FACS — “Skylarking”
I get lost in FACS’s music, in a good way. I just sit and listen. This is almost a mean song that sounds contemporary and classic at the same time.

Supermax — “Ain’t Gonna Feel”
Austrian mystery man. Simple and amazingly melodic. Great synths.