Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Here’s What Jason Narducy Played for the Cubs After Their Big Win

Also, Split Single has a new record.

Talkhouse contributor Jason Narducy released his new Split Single album, Metal Frames, today via Inside Outside Records. To celebrate, he put together this playlist full of great punk, pop and Chicago bands, and shared the stories behind all of his picks. Enjoy!
Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Metz — “Spit You Out”

I’ve heard some people say that contemporary punk rock bands don’t have the power and urgency of first wave punk bands. Metz disproves this myth on their albums and at their shows. I saw them at Metro in Chicago in 2015 and have spent some time with them in Toronto. I suggested that they not have children, but two of them didn’t listen to me.

liv — “Wings Of Love”

Beautiful pop song from a new group. If you can write a two-chord song that is this good, you are very talented. I liked their second song, too. Eager for a full album. There’s an “official” video for this song that includes nudity. I prefer to listen to this song without bouncing penises and boobies, but feel free to find that version if you wish.

David Bazan — “Trouble with Boys”

David Bazan’s latest album is fantastic. This video starring him and and his daughter is gorgeous and moving. Fuck you for making me cry, David Bazan.

The Kickback — “Headhunter”

Chicago band with great songs. I’m a big fan. Produced by Spoon drummer Jim Eno. They are playing with us (Split Single) November 19 at SPACE in Evanston, Illinois.

The Pretenders — “The Wait”

Joe Shanahan at Metro asked me to put together a band for The Chicago Cubs player/staff private party celebrating their World Series victory. No, I’m not making that up. The Cubs won the World Series. I wanted to play songs that were appropriate for the party and this song felt right. Nora O’Connor sang and Jimmy Chamberlin played drums. It was a thrill.

Eyehategod — “Agitation! Propoganda!”

Dave Hill took me to see these guys in New York this year. They are a ferocious live band. I bought the album and my wife really dug it. I’ll never forget seeing her at the sewing machine in October making our youngest daughter’s Halloween costume while cranking this song.

Cheap Trick — “The Sun Never Sets”

Cheap Trick entered the Rock N Roll HOF this year but, much more importantly, they released a great new album. This song is just so good. They are the best.

The Party Downers — “Are the Kids Alright”

Chicago band that make you want to go to the basement, open a beer and play rock with your friends. Because that’s what they do and they are really good at it.

Helen Money — “Become Zero”

The new Helen Money album is my favorite of hers and she has many good albums. The cello is such a beautiful instrument but Alison takes it to another level. Buy this album right now.

John Prine — “Hello in There”

My stepfather, Jim Iberg, played this song around the house when I was a child. His version is just as good as John Prine’s, in my opinion.

The artists in my playlist receive fractions of pennies from streaming sites like YouTube so PLEASE buy the music you like.

Split Single frontman Jason Narducy is a universally beloved lifer, having first appeared on the scene at age 11 in the ‘80s Chicago punk band Verböten. He fronted Epic/Sony alt-rockers Verbow during the ‘90s alt-rock bubble, then spent nearly a decade as the bassist and backup vocalist for folks like Bob Mould, Robert Pollard, Telekinesis and SuperchunkSplit Single’s Metal Frames was released in 2016.