Talkhouse Playlist: Moving Out West with Black Marble

And how to make every day the weekend.

Chris Stewart recently closed the East Coast chapter of his life, and during that period of transition, he recorded Black Marble’s second full-length, It’s Immaterial. His playlist recalls some of his best and worst memories of living in NYC, as well as the West Coast duality of “being lazy and getting crazy.” Check out the playlist below, and make sure to catch Black Marble on tour this month!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

The Kinks – “Sunny Afternoon”

A perfect song about being poor and having nothing to call your own but the sunshine in the afternoon, which was basically every weekend for me the whole time I lived in New York.

Billy Changer – “Good to Hear from You Johnny”

I’ve been listening to Billy Changer a lot ever since I moved out West three months ago. I feel like this music satisfies your desire to hang out and be lazy as well as go out and get crazy. Whoa, I just made a Best Coast song. Awesome.

48 Chairs – “Snap It Around”

When I lived in my first cramped loft with a bunch of people in New York way back in the day, this was a song we would play a lot on a sunny Saturday afternoon when we were hanging out at the house. I don’t miss living with those people, but I miss lying around and listening to this song.

Dag Nasty – “Circles”

Dag Nasty is some of the best get amped music in world history. You can PRINT that. The shimmery guitars really give off a weekend summery vibe, but you still want to get trashed and go party. That’s my comprehensive review of Dag Nasty.

Big Rock Candy Mountain – “Harry Mac McClintock”

Basically, if anyone has mastered the weekend, it’s hobos, who have figured out how to make it the weekend every day. Big Rock Candy Mountains is an old hobo song about a hobo Shangri-La in which Mac McClintlock sings: “I’m going to stay where you sleep all day in the big rock candy mountains.” Sounds pretty good.

Urinals – “Surfin’ with the Shah”

I love the droney quality of this song. It feels like being trapped in a giant vat of honey on the sun. Just like that.

Jay Reatard – “Don’t Let Him Come Back”

This is my favorite Go Betweens cover and one of my favorite covers ever. A great song that makes you feel like you’re walking down the street on a weekend afternoon in the Lower East Side turnt up without a care in the world.  Jay Reatard was just so awesome.

Whitehouse – “On Top”

This definitely falls into the category of making you want to get up and go out and do something on the weekend, since it’s borderline unlistenable.

JFA – “Skateboard Anarchy”

It’s Saturday, let’s go skate!

Tangerine Dream – “Love an a Real Train”

Someone asked me what my favorite song for a movie montage is, and this is it.  When I think of the perfect weekend it would pretty much be what happened in Risky Business minus the part where they crash that Porsche into the Chicago River.

(Photo credit: Joseph Jagos)