Talkhouse Playlist: Soothing Sounds with Roland Tings

Let this electronic producer take you to a warm and cozy place.

To start off the week we have a playlist that comes from Australian electronic producer, Roland Tings. To accompany his new EP, Each Moment a Diamond, he created this beautiful ambient playlist. 
-Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Albrecht La’Brooy – “Tempelhof”
This is a beautiful piece of music by guys from my hometown of Melbourne. A surefire way to enter a weekend with a clear head.

Bobby McFerrin – “Kalimba Suite”
If you need something lighthearted, even before getting out of bed on the weekend.

Masashi Kurita – “Raw Emo”
This is the sound of your brain warming up after a cup of coffee.

Poppongene – “Do It Girl”
In the late afternoon sun, laying in the grass, drinking juice and kissing somebody you love.

Arthur Russell – “This Is How We Walk on the Moon”
A late night interpretive dance after dinner in the moonlight.

Ryuchi Sakamoto – “Amore”
A lovely piece by Sakamoto. I first heard this a few years ago in a mix while taking a bath. If you can make that happen I would recommend that.

Laraaji – “A Cave in England”
It’s hard to really know what’s going on in this piece of music, wafting synthesizers mixed with echoing white noise and some strange sub tones that sound like distant cars passing. This thing has sent me into a trance twice in the last week.

Gas – “Untitled 1”
No piece of music will ever come as close to perfection as this one. Wolfgang Voigt sending you off into an eternal cloud of deep German forest music.

Arp – “Pastoral Symphony”
If your weekend takes place in the countryside it would be a nice idea to listen to this song while driving in a low pressure environment.

Post Malone – “White Iverson”
This song is ridiculous and always puts me in a great mood.