Talkhouse Playlist: Innovation, Mystery, and Inspiration with FaltyDL

The producer and musician shares some of his favorites from his label and beyond.

Drew Lustman’s (FaltyDL) playlist for today represents the various styles of ambient music, Brazilian folk and hypnotic, dark rock that influence his own eclectic electronic style. FaltyDL’s new album, Heaven is for Quitters, comes out October 21 on his own Blueberry Records. Make sure to check it out, and until then, enjoy the playlist below!
–Dave Lucas, Talkhouse Marketing Manager

Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges – “Tudo o Que Voce Podia Ser”

I was record shopping with Andrew Ashong and Sam Shepherd at Tropicalia in Furs. How’s that for an afternoon?! Sam pulled Clube da Esquina for me, Andrew told me to light a candle and listen to it with my girl. We got stoned and she thought it was Italian in a Spanish accent! Was hilarious.

But, the point is, you grow up thinking certain albums are the pinnacle and then you hear this album and you go, “Fuck the Beatles. The Beach Boys who?” Seriously. Recording innovation on wax. I’m addicted to albums where you can’t tell when a track ends and the next begins. This is the best version of that I have ever heard. Start your day of right with this one. (Play the whole LP!)

Aphex Twin – “Stone in Focus”

This is one of those tunes that has been on every iPod or computer I have ever owned. It’s the type of song that you download on Kazaa or Limewire and learn, after the thousandth listen, who it’s by. An early introduction to Aphex for me. A great driving tune and perfect for a cloudy or sunny Sunday morning. I enjoy the mystery of this 128 kbps MP3 and don’t want any other version ever.

Grouper – “Holding”

I could pick any track off of Ruins, really. I had a Sunday morning yoga routine when I had the house to myself. I would stretch to side A and then just lie still on the ground in a shaft of dusty light to side B. It’s so beautiful. It’s a perfect album. Thank you, Grouper!

Laurie Spiegel – “Voices Within”

Sometimes I think folks forget one of electronic music’s original intentions: to mimic human sounds. Laurie Spiegel performs an exorcism here and I can’t get away from it. (Bonus: Check her Bell Labs interview.)

Frank Ocean – “Solo (Reprise) ft. Andre 3000”

If you feel like you are working too hard, you are probably working just the right amount. Fuck all the noise and what sells. It’s all bullshit.  Fuck Twitter and analytics. Fuck flashy websites regurgitating clickbait masturbation. Maybe we don’t get what we want in this life, but we get to hear Andre 3000 tell us he feels it, too.  And that is pretty fucking wild and fantastic.

James Blake – “Overgrown”

In 2013, I got the opportunity to spend two weeks on the road with James and his band and his incredible team. I think about it so often. I got to see a truly original voice in a moment of sheer dynamism. Every night I watched him sing to fifteen hundred people, each audience more captivated then the next. My mind sort of changed a bit on the road. Guys like me don’t get to experience that firsthand. But I grabbed onto his tail and went for the ride and will always Love James and be grateful for that.

Nightmares on Wax – “Nights Introlude”

The opening strings give me such chills… It’s the halcyon rave sound in a time when things slowed down (temporarily) and everyone chilled out for a second.  I am in a different place through these strings. Growing up in America, being my age, this idea of raving was images and sounds experienced secondhand from afar. I dunno what I’m saying, but the UK producers back then just had the touch. The. Touch.

Underworld – “Cups”

OK, I am picking up the pace here. This fucking tune! At 8:50 into this track I was changed, I swear to God. This song directly influenced my tune “Tronman” and, again, is this idea of a perfect rave in my head. Underworld remain an important influence for me and so many. They just rocked a tour this year, too. 🙂 (Bonus: Check “Winjer” from same album.)

Elysia Crampton – “Axacan”

Elysia is an angel and her music is a message of hope. I can’t believe I got to release this song on Blueberry Records. Thank you forever and ever, Elysia.

Brrd – “Embrace”

One more from my label, and the final track of this weekend playlist. Brrd is the kid, and he makes music in a Japanese cubicle apartment in Portland.  Everything has multiple uses like his music. I closed every show on the James Blake tour with this song. Heart to Brrd.