Talkhouse Friday Playlist: Aaron Maine (Porches) Brings in the Weekend with Grimes, Blood Orange and More

Talkhouse is teaming up with Milq for artist-curated collaborative playlists.

Welcome to the first Talkhouse Friday Playlist: We’re teaming up with Milq to bring you artist-created playlists to help you get through the end-of-the-week slog. This week, Aaron Maine of Porches shares tracks that are perfect to listen to while running around in the winter, driving around or breaking your heart. Feel free to join in by logging in to Milq and adding your own picks!
— the editors of the Talkhouse Music

Blood Orange — “S’cooled”
My good friend showed me this Blood Orange song when I first moved to the city. We were making paintings together in the Village at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment while she was at work during the day. It felt impossibly cool and NYC.

Rihanna — “Needed Me”
This is the number-one song for me off of ANTI. I could listen to it on repeat. It’s good to hear crazy-loud in a car on some nice speakers. Mustard on the beat.

Chic — “Stage Fright”
The groove is probably one of the best that I’ve ever heard. It makes you feel wild.

The Velvet Underground — “Pale Blue Eyes”
Here’s a change of pace: “Sometimes I feel so happy/ Sometimes I feel so sad.” How could you put it any better than that? This song breaks my heart.

Arthur Russell — “Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun/Let’s See”
I listened to this a lot while I was running around last winter. It makes me feel warm and full of love.

Kelela — “A Message”
This song drives me wild. Her voice and Arca’s production are such an insane combination.

Madonna — “Vouge”
Yak, but got to give it up. The chorus is just out of control. That piano part in chorus, you can’t not jump around when it comes in.

Michael Hurley — “O My Stars”
Frankie Cosmos introduced me to Michael Hurley on the first mix she made me. I’ve been in love ever since.

Grimes — “Belly of the Beat”
This is my favorite track off of Art Angels. I love that there is no bass in it and just these scrappy guitars. It’s deceptively simple… it’s really hard to play and sing at the same time. The song feels so good when she comes in with the “AaoooAHhhh!!”