Talkhouse Weekend Playlist: Rey Pila’s Guide to the Mexican Indie Scene

The Mexico City band also has a new album out today via Arts & Crafts.

Mexico City’s Rey Pila are back with a new album, Velox Veritas, out today on Arts & Crafts. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reduced the live music and travel industries, we thought we’d bring a scene report to you. So, we asked Rey Pila for a guide to the bands bubbling up in the Mexican underground scene.
—Keenan Kush, Talkhouse Operations Manager

While Mexico has always been a major market for international rock acts, it’s usually been a one-way street where it’s been hard for Mexican rock/underground acts to break outside of the country. “Latin” music is at an all-time high now in urban/trap/pop, but we veered towards a list of acts that showcase another side of music produced over here… Hope you enjoy, salud!
—Rey Pila

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete — “Líneas en Hojas”
We have to admit we don’t know much about this band, only that they’re from Guadalajara. They seem to be better known outside of Mexico. Been getting into their discography. Here’s a delicious taste of their psych/noise with a lush chorus. On repeat recently.

Sonic Emerson — “Reflexiones”
This is from Sebastian Neyra’s solo project, Sonic Emerson — fresh off the press a couple of months ago. Sebastian is a prolific musician/producer, and a member of Mint Field (we also highlight one of their songs here). Check out the whole album; here’s a sample that showcases his psychedelic/kraut vibes.

CLUBZ — “Nudos”
Hailing from Monterrey, this duo has been steadily rising in the past years. Recently they’ve been developing a more of an alt-pop/dance-y angle in their music, expanding their sound. To start getting into them, here’s a scorcher from their debut EP.

Diles que no me maten — “Edificio”
In a world with a severe case of attention deficit disorder, there seems to be little room for instrumental tracks that clock over 10 minutes. Well, here’s a good one from 2020 for old time’s sake!

Los Plastics Revolution — “Nadie T.V.”
This band from Mexico City recently disbanded, and this is one of their last songs… our favorite from their catalog. An instant charmer.

Mint Field — “Delicadeza”
We just mentioned Sebastian from Sonic Emerson. Add Estrella and we have this wonderful duo from Tijuana. This is from an album that is due in September and is full of promise.

Porter — “Pájaros”
These guys have been around since the eve of indie music in Mexico last decade, and are now one of the most popular acts to come out of the underground. 15 years later, they still got it.

Dromedarios Mágicos — “Olas Altas”
Indie darling from Chihuahua. Came out of the local bar scene playing folk songs with an acoustic guitar, a troubadour of sorts. He just released an album where he left out most acoustic guitars and added beat boxes and slacker pop melodies.

Little Jesus — “Azul”
These guys are our good friends from Mexico City. We’ve seen them grow out of the Mexican indie underground into major label big festival stages, but always retaining their identity. Very aware of the visual imagery that accompanies their sounds. Imagine Wes Anderson putting together a Mexican indie pop band. This is one of their most popular songs.

All Tomorrow’s Songs — “Detached”
This is a very young band that’s just starting out. Bittersweet atmospheres and heart-breaking lyrics. A good example of “Mexican goth,” interesting to see how their story develops.